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  • Features of error model construction of MEMS sensors for navigation task solution

    The paper describes the development and research of MEMS sensors error model using experimental data approximation of fourth degree polynomial with coefficients computed by least square method and written using of graphical programming language LabVIEW

    Keywords: Navigation, MEMS sensors, error model.

  • Criteria equality modal frequencies sensitive elements micromechanical gyroscopes-accelerometers

    Developed criteria for matching the oscillation frequencies of sensitive elements biaxial functionally integrated micromechanical gyroscopes-accelerometers LL-type. Review the results of modeling.

    Keywords: microsystm technology, element base, model, modeling, gyroscope, accelerometer, sensor

  • Long-term monitoring of human respiratory activity

    This article reviews systems of respiratory activity registration in relation to sports medicine. Attention is devoted to the use of miniature accelerometers that record the movement of the chest, as the optimal method for the diagnosis of the respiratory parameters. Other methods are based on piezo-resistive sensors, pressure and airflow sensors, and airways resistance sensors. The authors' developed device based on three-axis accelerometer is proposed. It recognizes episodes of apnea with sufficient accuracy for long-term monitoring. The algorithm of the accelerometer data processing is described. In order to minimize noise impact on the useful signal it is necessary to transform the three-dimensional cloud of accelerometer data into a flat sector. Then the relation of gravity vector deviation angle and the nominal position in time is determined. This presented device due to its ability to transmit data via Bluetooth technology, after appropriate software development for mobile phone and the receiving terminal of medical professional, will be able to organize a simple ergonomic long-term remote monitoring of respiratory activity.

    Keywords: systems of respiratory activity registration, long-term remote monitoring, three-axis accelerometer

  • The parametric method of determining a phase difference of quasi-harmonic signals

    The method of digital parametric measurement of the phase shift of signals with slowly varying amplitudes of the same slowly varying instantaneous frequencies was proposed. The numerical simulations and experiments on the developed hardware and software system were carried out. The error of measurement the phase difference of harmonic signals in the experiments were not more than  0,00001 radian. The method can be used in applications where the measured value is expressed in terms of the phase difference of quasi-harmonic signals.

    Keywords: quasi-harmonic signal, phase shift, real time measurements, hardware and software system