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  • Mathematical models of the measurement error of the main magnetization curve of electrical steel sheet

    The paper considers mathematical models obtained on the basis of experimental studies of electrical sheet steel. The models reflect the error in determining the main magnetization curve of electrical steel. The magnetic properties are determined in the center and at the edge of the cut of sheet samples with a size of 150 × 150 mm, made by cutting with guillotine shears and laser cutting. The choice of scale factors for calculating the main magnetization curve with an error of ± 5% according to the measured Weber-ampere characteristic has been substantiated. The study was carried out using a device for express control of the magnetic characteristics of electrical sheet steel. The main curve of magnetization of the sample material from sheet electrical steel was determined in an alternating magnetic field with a frequency of 50 Hz, along the direction of rolling. Investigated samples of isotropic sheet electrical steel grade 2212.

    Keywords: mathematical model, electrical steel, magnetic properties, magnetization curve