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  • Mathematical model of a submersible asynchronous motor as an electrotechnical complex

    The main process of stratum fluid extraction in Russia is mechanized lifting. It is observed that the stock of wells equipped with electric centrifugal pumps units has grown by 50% over the past 10 years, to almost 100,000 units. Growth detected in the average time between overhauls of the oil-well stock during this period increased by 50%, to almost 800 days. Mathematical modeling becomes a tool for further improving energy efficiency and reliability. The purposes of this work is to analyze existing models of submersible electric motors and their area of operations, identify existing shortcomings and limitations, and formulate requirements for the refined model and its application potential. The results of a thermоvisional inspecting of the rotor of a submersible electric motor after long-term operation in idle mode are presented. The temperature dispersion of the rotor packages is recorded from 36.68 °C to 46.67 °C. Different packages temperatures lead to uneven changes in the active resistances of the windings, which affect the contribution of each package to the integral operating and Electromechanical characteristics of the submersible motor. For taking into account the detected effect, it is proposed to model a submersible asynchronous electric motor as an electrotechnical complex consisting of an interacting and mutually influencing set of elementary electric machines. Spatial and mathematical models are presented that take into account temperature fluctuations in individual parts of the electric motor. The results of verification of the mathematical model are presented. Its validity in the field of applicability is shown.

    Keywords: electric submersible motor, ESP, rotor pack, mathematical model, thermal processes