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  • The program module for solving the problem of selecting the best carrier in transport logistics

    The atricle considers the problem of finding the best carrier. It describes by the expert method of solving the problem, as well as an algorithm for selecting a carrier. Describes a software module implemented with the involvement of technology ActiveX, which greatly simplifies the process and reduces the development time of projects. The proposed application allows you to define a list of the best carriers, ranked by rating according to the user's request.

    Keywords: Carrier selection, expert method, weighting coefficient, rank, user application

  • Development of data-processing system based on multi-dimensional data warehouse

       The authors created information-analytical system based on OLAP and using data mining algorithms for the development of automated technology point-rating system of student assessment to monitor and to analyze the quality of the educational process in the course of the monthly student achievements' assessment  and monitoring of the results of examinations. As a result, managers on various levels have increased the level of control and efficiency of the university, received timely consistent and accurate information.

    Keywords: data processing, OLAP, Data Mining, Microsoft SQL Server, education, university, reports, information and analysis system, multi-dimensional data warehouse

  • Improving data processing using cloud computing

    The proposed technique author improvement of data processing reduces costs for the purchase of servers and networking equipment. Described cloud models will enhance the reliability of IT resources and contribute to the flexibility of the IT infrastructure. 
    Keywords: cloud computing, data processing, security of IT resources, the cloud properties, types of computing server.