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  • Development and strength analysis of the new design of the friction wedge of the vibration damping unit of the freight carriage

    Currently, in the design and manufacture of steel products operating in conditions of heavy impact-abrasive wear, not only material is given, but also the structure of the product itself. One such detail is the friction wedge of a freight wagon trolley. In the presented work, a new design of the friction wedge of the vibration damping unit is presented; technical calculations are carried out on the strength of the presented design. The safety factors of spring suspension are calculated. All calculations were performed according to the standards for the calculation and design of new and modernized railroad cars of the Ministry of Railways 1520 mm gauge. The performed calculations indicate the high performance of the developed design, the obtained values ​​fully satisfy the requirements for such products. The result of the work on creating a new design of the friction wedge of the vibration damping unit is to obtain a patent for utility model No. 194823, a drawing has also been developed (KI- and terms of reference for experimental design work (KI- TK).

    Keywords: friction wedge, vibration damping unit, freight car truck, strength, reliability, durability, calculation of spring suspension, static deflection of spring suspension, coefficient of structural margin of deflection, coefficient of relative friction

  • Improvement of the friction absorbing device through the application of modern simulation methods and fabrication plate rolling

    The development of modern technology makes increasingly stringent requirements for materials, and improving the reliability and durability is an urgent task for many industries. One of the most important elements of the automatic coupling device of the car is the absorbing device. The parts included in it must meet high standards, be reliable and provide the necessary hardness and mechanical properties of the materials throughout the life cycle of the car. One of these parts included in the friction unit of the absorbing device is a movable plate. In the present work, an example of modernization of the absorbing apparatus through the use of modern methods of modeling and manufacturing of a fixed plate is given. The technical result is to reduce consumption of materials of the movable plate, and to simplify the manufacturing process of the plate by making it from rolled steel.

    Keywords: Absorbing apparatus, modeling, mobile plate, energy consumption, friction unit, friction, wear resistance, reliability, durability

  • Designing an efficient design of an absorbing apparatus

    Providing the claimed performance characteristics of the absorber throughout its life is the most important task that ensures the correct operation of the coupler. Increasing requirements for increasing the speed of movement and the volume of freight traffic make it urgent to increase the reliability of the absorbing apparatus by improving the design of its components and components (housing, friction plates, wedge, etc.).

    Keywords: Absorbing apparatus, friction plate, cermet, surface wear, defects in absorbing apparatus

  • Analytical assessment of change of office properties of details of friction pairs of the cart of the freight car in operation

    The analytical assessment of change of office properties of heavy-duty details of friction pairs of the cart of the freight car on the first depot repair is presented. The technique of definition of iznos of details of the cart is applied to determination of faults. The most subject are shown to defects nodes of the cart of the freight car.

    Keywords: cart of the freight car, frictional wedge, cap of a skolzun, thrust bearing disk, frictional level, wear, wear resistance, defects of the cart of the car

  • Model manufacturing technology of the cost-iron cap of a side bearing

    In this paper developed solid model of the cap of a side bearing. It made of cast iron of (ВАГР- Altai steel casting factory (ASCF). We simulated desing technologikal parametrs, wich give casting disinh without casting defects.

    Keywords: technology, modeling, pig-iron cap of a side bearing, solid-state model of a pig-iron cap of a side bearing