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  • Theoretical study of the mechanism of mixed (semifluid) lubrication in contact "solid lubricant enveloped rod-wheel-rail"

    A theoretical study of the mechanism of mixed (semifluid) the interaction of the solid lubricant lubricants shell rods with contact "wheel-rail." Methods for determination of the average standard resource shell lubricating grease solid rods and medium wear hard shell shell lubricants rods in various combinations shells at different ranges of temperatures. A fundamentally new way of tribology hard shell lubricants rods "shell holder - movie." Determined on the basis of laboratory tests the new composition of lubricating rods having good lubricity and increased resource consumption less lubrication at elevated temperatures of contact compared to a typical sample of lubricating rods.
    Keywords: Mixed lubrication, solid lubricants shell cores, contact "wheel-rail", the average standard resource lubricant, the average wear of the shell, a new way of tribology "shell holder - movie."