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  • Features of technical operation of cultural heritage objects

    This article discusses the features of technical operation of cultural heritage objects. The relevance of the topic is that cultural heritage objects, like any real estate objects, need constant measures to maintain the working condition, as well as to preserve consumer properties, and this action requires special attention and rational approaches. Guided by the guidelines for the operation of cultural heritage objects of the peoples of the Russian Federation, the owner or other legal owner of the cultural object must comply with the requirements of regulatory documents for the preservation of the object in order to increase its service life. Thanks to a comprehensive approach to improving the method of restoration of objects of historical and architectural significance, it is possible to increase the interest of tourists to cultural objects and ensure their safety.

    Keywords: Object of cultural heritage, operation, operating costs, quality, timeliness, impact, safety, defect, repair, rationality, activities, working condition

  • The device of "green zones" in the conditions of dense building

    The article discusses a new trend of our time-green roof. The types of roof landscaping, their differences and average costs are described. The reasons of alternative replacement of a traditional roof and indisputable advantages of green are explained. The main layers of the "pie" of this roof and the principle of inverted roof, which is becoming increasingly common in the world, as well as its advantages, are considered. The popularity of green roofing in Russia and the opportunity not only to visually improve your home and create a "green corner" without leaving home, but also to reduce heat costs, increase noise insulation and clean the air from harmful impurities.

    Keywords: green roof, extensive landscaping, intensive landscaping, inverted roof principle, minimizing heat loss, economical energy consumption, noise insulation

  • About possibilities of management of ecological and economic risks of investment projects

    This article discusses the possibility of managing environmental and economic risks of investment projects. Environmental efficiency is an important indicator in assessing the effectiveness of an investment project. It is revealed that when assessing the environmental efficiency of an investment project, it is necessary to use the established standards and agreements, normative legal acts in the field of environmental law. However, the legislation in the Russian Federation in the field of environmental risk assessment requires accurate calculations that will facilitate the task of the investor in the field of adoption of an effective investment project. It is analyzed that the final decision on the implementation of the project depends on the quality of the assessment.

    Keywords: Efficiency, investment, risk, uncertainty, investment project, ecology, factor, criterion, implementation

  • The use of intelligent technology in a modern home

    The article describes the main areas of implementation of "smart home" technology, energy-efficient solutions in the construction sector. Providing security and protection of housing, assistance to the elderly. The emergence of a new concept of "energy-saving business". The key parameters, types of modern technologies affecting the energy efficiency of the building, ways to minimize energy losses are considered. The analysis of energy-efficient solutions and the result of the introduction of intelligent technologies is presented. 2 things that make a house "smart".

    Keywords: "smart home", energy efficiency, energy loss minimization, economical consumption of energy resources, intelligent technologies

  • GIS technology is a modern assistant in the selection of real estate

    The authors propose to consider an interesting solution for finding real estate using GIS - technologies. This method can significantly reduce the time it takes to select a property. This article shows how the data processing capabilities of scientific computing tools for Python and the visualization and analysis capabilities of ArcGIS geospatial data can be used to build a model that generates a short list of houses that meet the needs and desires of potential buyers. And although the choice of a house is purely individual, there are a lot of common factors. Such as the total area, the number of floors and rooms, the presence of a garage and much more. Also, when buying a house, you are looking for proximity to services such as food, pharmacies, emergency rooms, child care facilities, parks, etc. You can use the ArcGIS API geocoding module for Python to search for such objects at a given distance around the house. This method suggests combining all the necessary conditions into one system, which will significantly reduce the list of real estate objects on the market and choose the most optimal options.

    Keywords: GIS, ArcGIS, real estate, Python, maps, histograms, filter, DataFrame, spatial distribution, geocoding

  • The role of the state in improving the urban environment

    The article touches on the relevance of the problem of territory improvement and the role of the state in its solution not only in Russia, but also abroad. Examples of long-term state programs and projects aimed at "improving" urban areas are given, and tasks, deadlines, and responsible persons for the result are defined. The importance of carrying out such activities as reconstruction, renovation and modernization of territories and existing buildings that do not meet a number of modern requirements.

    Keywords: improvement of the territory, modernization, state program, regional program, renovation, comfort, formation of a modern urban environment, "improvement" of urban areas

  • Renovation as a form of modernization of urban areas

    Cities around the world lack land resources, despite the fact that the housing stock is in a state of extreme deterioration. The solution to this problem becomes such a concept as renovation - the process of updating urban space. This mechanism is currently provided for in the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, but for a number of reasons its implementation in practice is limited. Renovation is necessary in the prevailing conditions of the modern world in order to adapt the spaces of former industrial zones for their use in an already new format. The vast majority of industrial companies cease to operate within cities, and their territories turn into neglected neglected development, isolated from the urban social environment. The authors of this article reviewed and analyzed the benefits of implementing renovation programs for residents of the Russian Federation.

    Keywords: renovation, eco-construction, depressed territories, modernization of urban areas, development of regions, redevelopment buildings

  • Architectural and construction concept of the cable car station in Rostov-on-don

    To the attention of readers is submitted the detailed story about the project of young architects from Novocherkassk " The architectural and construction concept of the cable metro station in Rostov-on-Don". The basic idea of the project - a new decision of a transport problem of the connection of the right and left banks of the river Don - an air cable road. The air metro is ecologically clear, absolutely save (the high resistance to strong winds, and also the high degree of failure in any conditions) and the silent type of passenger transport. Two stations are suggested to Rostovites and guests of the city for comfort using: the multi-level parking and the shopping and entertainment centre on the right and left coasts respectively. This project solves a number of difficult tasks. First of all it combines the functionality and security and at the same time projected buildings completely accord to people's representation about the beauty and the comfort. The creation of the Cable Metro Station allows to solve the transport problem which is typical for big cities, and also it becomes a new sight of our city. Keywords: the transport problem, the cableway, the silent type of passenger transport, multi-level parking, shopping and entertainment centre, the combination of the functionality and security, the constructive scheme - the hard monolithic core, the individualization of the appearance, the unique architectural expressiveness.

    Keywords: transport problem, cable car, silent type of passenger transport, multi-level Parking, shopping and entertainment complex, combination of functionality and safety, constructive scheme - rigid monolithic core, individualization of appearance, unique archit

  • Construction and technical examination of construction in progress when resuming construction work

    " During a long interruption of construction and installation works, as well as under the influence of the external environment on the unfinished construction of building structures, they are subject to a change in their properties and strength characteristics. To solve all problems, it is necessary to conduct a forensic examination in order to identify defects and assess the state of building structures and make decisions on the possibility and feasibility of completing construction work"

    Keywords: construction in progress, expertise, defect, building construction, laboratory tests, design documentation, expert

  • Possible ways of improvement of forensic examination researches of reconstructed construction objects

    At present, there has been an increase in demand in the framework of judicial construction and technical examinations to the question of the practical application of basic forensic techniques in conjunction with new methodological tools. The practice of conducting judicial construction and technical expertise by 2017 has increased in comparison with 2010, which in turn causes problems in pre-trial and judicial proceedings. The trend in the specifics of the use of mixed or non-traditional forms of techniques is designed to solve problems in complex in structure and content of research aimed at establishing the types, volumes and cost of construction work performed, as well as materials and products used in the reconstruction of buildings. The solution of the problem is seen in the constant updating of both the legislative definition and the existing methods in the practice of application by experts and courts.

    Keywords: construction, judicial construction and technical expertise, expert, methods, reconstruction of construction objects, research

  • Current requirements for the level of knowledge of the judicial construction and technical expert

    Analysis of current requirements for the level of knowledge of the judicial construction and technical expert. The article is devoted to the problem of the lack of practical training, as well as a low level of knowledge in the use of modern electronic devices by judicial construction and technical experts.

    Keywords: Current requirements for a forensic expert, forensic expert, construction and technical expertise

  • Problems of increasing energy efficiency of the construction industry in the Russian Federation

    The article describes the main problems of implementation of energy-efficient technologies in the construction sector. The key parameters affecting the energy efficiency of the building, ways to minimize energy losses.

    Keywords: Increase of energy efficiency of buildings, minimization of energy losses, energy efficiency class of the building, economical consumption of energy resources

  • Use of energy-efficient equipment in the repair and construction industry

    This article raises the problem of energy conservation of limited resources, provides an analysis of the most popular energy-efficient measures, presents examples of energy-efficient equipment, and discusses the problem of implementing energy-efficient solutions in the repair and construction industry in the Russian Federation at the present time.

    Keywords: Energy saving, energy efficiency, energy resources, energy-efficient measures, energy-efficient technologies, energy-efficient

  • To a question on the organisation of concrete works in winter conditions

    The problem of the organisation of civil work during the winter period is studied. Authors inform results of real experience of the organisation of winter concreting in extreme conditions for the Rostov region. Practical recommendations about the organisation of works are made

    Keywords: organization of construction; high-rise housing; reinforced concrete and steel structures

  • Modernization of buildings and structures as a way to restore the housing stock of the Russian Federation

    This article provides information about the state of the housing stock of the Russian Federation, provides statistical evidence, and the reasons for the current state of residential buildings and structures. The influence of modernization on the preservation and restoration of the housing stock of the Russian Federation is indicated, its expediency and main types of works are given, the results of modernization are presented

    Keywords: housing stock, housing problems, modernization, operational parameter, the desirability of modernization, depreciation of the building, main types of works, replacement of equipment, add-in floors, changing the geometry of the premises