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  • On the issue of the process of managing the property complex of the territory of the municipality

    The article highlights a number of problems that accompany the process of managing the property complex of the territory of the municipality. Issues related to the accounting and analysis of the state of objects of the property complex are considered. The need for systematic research is noted to justify decisions on the use of the city as a resource that provides a comfortable and safe space for life. Improving the process of managing the property complex is an urgent task for the development of cities around the world. An analysis of foreign experience indicates a common understanding of the criteria for the quality of the urban environment and the goals of the reorganization of urban space. When planning the development of urbanized territories, the peculiarities of the city, natural and climatic conditions are not always taken into account, which has a detrimental effect on the quality of the urban environment. It is shown that the effectiveness of the management of the property complex depends on the correct choice of the strategy for involving objects in the economic turnover, restoring their functional significance and ensuring environmental safety. To select effective solutions when solving issues of the use of the territory, it is proposed to use the method based on fuzzy sets, as the most optimal in conditions of high uncertainty and complexity of the processes under consideration.

    Keywords: property complex management, decision-making methods, urban environment, urban space, natural and climatic conditions, urbanized territory, resources