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  • " A mixture for the construction and repair of reinforced concrete structures of oil and gas storage facilities"

    The article proposes new compositions of a fast-hardening concrete mixture using Portland cement, fine and coarse aggregates, basalt fiber, a complex modifying additive including acetone-formaldehyde resins and magnesium chloride (bischofite). The results of scientific and experimental studies are presented and the influence of the proposed additives on the formation of the structure, rheological and physico-mechanical properties of fast-hardening concrete is determined. Analysis of the test results showed that the proposed formulations, including a complex additive and basalt fiber, contributed to a decrease in the water-cement ratio, increased mobility of the mixture and increased strength of hardened concrete in the early and final hardening periods.

    Keywords: concretes, oil and gas storage, modifying additives, fiber, mobility, setting time, strength