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  • Examination of the adsorption properties of disperse rocks in relation to heavy metals for example Ni (III)

    Considers the results of laboratory modeling on research of the adsorption properties of dispersed rocks in relation to heavy metals associated with technogenesis the example of nickel (Ni). It presents data on the adsorption element by samples of various lithological varieties of rocks that form the subsoil strata of Rostov-on-Don city. Are determined mobile forms of Ni; evaluated the intensity of the adsorption process, lists the factors that determine changes in the Ni content of the section. The obtained experimental scientific information is important in solving the environmental, health and social and engi-neering-geological problems.

    Keywords: clay rocks, physical and chemical adsorption processes, concentration of chemical elements, ionic exchange, industrial sewage water, filtration, clay minerals, sorption capacity, experimental solutes, сations