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  • Dynamic cancelation of additive error of precision analog-to-digital converter

    Analog-to-digital converter, with modulation, amplification and demodulation of the input signal is carried out. To compensate the additional error of voltage conversion, concerned with temperature instability, used dynamic cancellation technique, based on the correlation between offset voltage and modulator temperature fluctuation. ADC with response time 0.85 s performs the threshold of sensitivity 1 nV; 8,5 s - 0,31 nV, 85 s - 0.13 nV, 850 s - 0.1 nV, respectively, in the full-scale range 400 mV. Estimation of offset voltage temperature drift is 40 pV / ºC, time drift - 100 pV / h.

    Keywords: analog-to-digital converter, ADC, error cancellation.