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  • Awakening the hydraulic activity of fillers and aggregates from scrap clay bricks

    The active use in the production of building materials of waste after the renovation of housing is a relevant and promising direction. the load on logistics for the supply of inert materials is reduced, landfills and waste storage sites are being destroyed, and the cost of building materials from recycled materials is being reduced. The use of recycled clay bricks allows to solve the problem of solid waste disposal, but also to reduce the environmental damage caused to the environment by mankind from the excessive development of natural resources. Finely ground brick cullet has pozzolanic properties and can be used as an additive in a cement mixture, and a large fraction is used in aggregates of cement compositions.

    Keywords: Сlay brick scrap, renovation, preparation, pozzolanic activity, hydraulic activity, binder, hardening, aggregate, mortar, strength

  • System perception and transfer of images printing symbols with the original in the matrix of the memorable device of the personal computer, defining types of symbols

    The authors have developed a device consisting of a system of perception of images of printed characters and a personal computer (PC), which determines the types of characters. According to the program developed by the authors, the PC contours the image of the printed symbol in a rectangular matrix consisting of the cells of the PC's storage device. As a result of the edging of the shape of the printed symbol, essential and necessary signs were determined - the directions of the elements of the shape of the symbol, according to which, using the developed algorithm, the PC determined the type of this symbol relative to others. The perception system includes a small-sized television tube - a vidicon with a generator of sweeps of a vidicon beam on its screen vertically and horizontally, two channels and a coincidence circuit. The developed system of perception is distinguished by: simplicity of design, compactness, efficiency.

    Keywords: direction, perception system, trigger, amplifier, pulse counter, coincidence circuit

  • Reconstruction of road network of Penza

    Considered the work to be undertaken during the reconstruction of the road network of the city of Penza, and, in particular, the viaduct over the river Sura. The analysis of the major defects giving rise to the reconstruction of the bridge. Presents the main decisions and the progress of the works themselves.

    Keywords: the bridge span, corrosion, bearing capacity, pile wrap