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  • The model of production management based on growth accelerators

    It is shown that the production conflict, both structurally and dynamically strictly determined within the paradigm of structural management of production. The system essence of the production conflict determines the need to involve methods and tools of system analysis, in particular, the method of cognitive analysis. The model of management of the production company is offered. The model is based on a distributed combination of positive feedback loops. The model allows to organize a continuous cycle of self-development. This is achieved by self-locking conflicts in the underlying loop factors. The principal difference of the model is the formation of two additional "positive" contours. These contours cover the tangent base contour. The formal increase in the number of growth accelerators increases the system's ability to overcome conflicts in the basic circuit. The dual-accelerator circuit is a guarantee of sustainable control . The control model demonstrates the growth of causal integration and the level of self-determination in comparison with the initial potential.

    Keywords: production management, structure, model, growth cycle, growth accelerator, self-determination