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  • Analysis of the dependence of the quality of the connection by means of manual and automatic welding of aluminum alloy AD33

    The use of laser radiation for welding aluminum alloy AD33 can improve the quality of welded joints and process performance. At the same time, most of the welded structures in production are performed using automatic laser welding installations, which allow ensuring the necessary quality of welded joints, including due to the constancy of the technological process modes. However, there are a number of industries where manual laser welding installations are indispensable and in high demand. At the same time, a distinctive feature of the manual laser welding process is the problem of ensuring the constancy of the duration of exposure to laser radiation on the surface of the workpiece when the speed of the laser beam changes. The paper presents the results of a comparative study of the dependence of the quality of the AD33 aluminum alloy welded joint on the change in the speed of the laser beam for manual and automatic laser welding conditions.

    Keywords: aluminum alloy, laser radiation, welding, welding bath, technological process, microstructure, AD33, laser beam, manual laser welding, Al–Mg–Si, aluminum thermal deformation coefficient, vacuum chamber, pulsed laser

  • Use of fractal models to investigate the cyclic strength of metal materials

    The work deals with the application of fractal geometry methods to solve the problem of analysis of strength of metal materials under low-cycle fatigue loading. Materials with volume-centered and grain-centered crystal lattice, which are subjected to cyclic loading along the zero cycle, are investigated. As a criterion it is proposed to use fractal dimension determined with the help of Hurst indicator. It is reasonable that this characteristic may be used to evaluate the cyclic strength of metallic materials.

    Keywords: Fatigue, metal, strength, fractals, Hurst index