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  • Modern methods of assessing the organizational and technological reliability of the investment and construction complex

    The article deals with current methods of evaluating the organization and management in construction under conditions of uncertainty. The typology of the failure process is given, which determines the scenario of the crisis development at the enterprise. A model of forecasting and management in a crisis is proposed, and the conceptual aspects of building this model are considered. It is proposed to improve the enterprise management system based on the analysis of the economic component as a temporary function. Recommendations are given for improving the existing organizational forms of enterprise management.

    Keywords: construction organization, organizational and technological solutions, reliability assessment, construction quality assessment

  • Improvement of the construction process with the use of BIM-technologies

    Questions of accounting of actors of influence on the investment and construction cycle are raised. An example of the use of BIM-technologies in construction is considered. It describes the solution of some specific problems that arise when maintaining the quality of construction of complex buildings, taking into account the possibility of introducing modern information systems, attention is paid to the peculiarities of improving the quality of work performed.

    Keywords: organization of construction; quality of design, quality of construction and installation works, BIM-technology

  • The principle of coating of welded products with metallized coatings

    The question of improvement of coatings of welded products is considered. The possibility of replacing sandblasting is being studied. The possibility of reducing the cost of welding is considered

    Keywords: construction materials, reduction of construction materials costs

  • The Methodological Fundamentals of Formation Value-Oriented Backlog of Road-building Complex Design Companies

    The article examines features of the backlog of business formation for design companies of road-building complex which apply value-based management system. The most important factors influencing the decision making about inclusion potential projects in the backlog of business are considered. The close attention is payed to substantiation of VBM metrics reflecting the contribution of projects to value creation by analyzed companies, and to value modeling of projects which let to evaluate projects depending on tender prices.

    Keywords: Backlog of business, value-based management, Design Company, tender.