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  • Estimating the power consumption of wireless sensor network nodes

    The article proposes an algorithm for ensuring the minimum power consumption of end nodes in a wireless network of sensors. A simulation model of the process of information exchange in a wireless network of sensors developed in the Matlab - Simulink software environment is presented, the use of which allows estimating the total power consumption when transmitting messages by all end nodes of the network during a given time interval.

    Keywords: wireless sensor network, LoRaWAN, Internet of Things, Internet of Things, IoT, power consumption, simulation model, Simulink, signal attenuation, frame transmission

  • On the issue of reducing the power consumption of wireless sensor nodes

    The article presents expressions that allow you to calculate the amount of power consumption of end nodes when transmitting a message in a wireless sensor network. Data are obtained on the values that the value of power consumption of the end node of the sensor network takes, depending on the attenuation of signals during transmission over a wireless channel, as well as on the set values of the output power and the spreading factor of the transmitted signals.

    Keywords: internet of Things, sensor network, LoRaWAN, IoT system, end node power consumption, spreading factor, output power