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  • Investigation of the influence of the deviations of the position of the working armature from the project on the bearing strength of the overlap

    In the article results of the analysis of analytical dependences and results of the computing experiment executed in Lyr-CAD environment are considered. The purpose of the performed work is a quantitative assessment of the reduction in strength of beams of monolithic reinforced concrete overlappings caused by errors made during the performance of reinforcement work. In particular, an increase in the thickness of the protective layer of concrete and the consequent reduction in the working height of the section are considered. The data analyzed for both reference and span cross sections are analyzed. In total, four series of samples were selected, differing in the class of concrete (B15, B20, B25 and B30). Each series consisted of 9 samples having different working height sections in the reference and span sections. The working height of the section varied from 5 to 22%. The finite element model was created in the LIRA-CAD environment. In the course of the analysis, the effect of changing the working height of the section on the area of ​​the reference and passing reinforcement, selected for strength, was investigated.

    Keywords: It is established that the degree of influence of the deviations of the position of the reinforcement from the design in the reference sections and in the span is different. The greatest danger is represented by the support sections, that is, the overlapp

  • Research of influence of parameters of triangulation in the environment of the programmatic complex SAPPHIRE on the results of calculation.

    Modern programmatic complexes, supporting BIM technologies, allow in the automatic mode to carry out a transition from the 3d-модели of building to the model analytical, and then to the calculation certainly to the element model of building, the calculation of that is conducted with the use of programmatic complexes being based on the use of method of eventual elements. The results of calculation of different variants of the net of eventual elements, generated by facilities of the programmatic complex SAPPHIRE, are considered in the article. As a model for a calculable experiment the fragment of monolithic multistory girderless framework is accepted. The knot of leaning of flag on a column was designed both with the use of absolutely hard body and without him. The step of triangulation was varied in limits a from 1/35 to 1/5 span. The article of analysis is choose the area of lower longitudinal armature along the axis "Х" in the middle of flight. It is set that not dependency upon a type and step of triangulation the use of absolutely hard bodies conduces to the decline of the armature required by a calculation on the average it is Also certain on 6 %., that type and step the triangulations used in the programmatic complex SAPPHIRE substantial influence on the result of selection of flight armature do not render. However it is necessary to take into account that this result is got for charts in that obligatory is eventual elements, the centres of gravity of that are situated in the middle of flight, to what it is needed to aim in the process of creation of computer model of building.


  • To the question of reinforcement bezbalochnyh floors using PC SAPPHIRE

    In the article the results of reinforcement of monolithic reinforced concrete slab bezbalochnyh, different parameters of a finite element mesh, under other equal characteristics. Of course cell model was created by means of PC SAPPHIRE with subsequent transfer of analytical model in LIRA-CAD when creating analytical models used three variants of triangulation, namely: rectangular, triangular and adaptive step triangulation ranged over a wide range-from 1/6 up to 1/30 span. Bearing slabs at columns was carried out on two variants : using an absolutely rigid body and without it. The subject analysis of selected area of the upper longitudinal bearing fittings. During the analysis process was investigated the influence of automatic finite element mesh triangulation on anchor square fittings. Found that in all cases an increase in triangulation step reduces the required for calculating the square top of the longitudinal reinforcement. This reduction may reach 85%, and in case of insufficient quality control finite element mesh is going to cause a serious error in the calculation. When automatically generating a mesh leaf size can significantly exceed step triangulation. All meshes with the zone of transition from AGT to the plate in the form of triangles effect is observed the increase required for calculating reinforcement as you go further away from the brink of columns, that in our view it is illogical. Practical value as the most simple way, has the option of split slabs into rectangular finite elements with a size equal to or slightly greater than the section of the column. without the use of absolute hard bodies.

    Keywords: monolithic frame, non-beam overlapping, triangulation, selection of reinforcement, design calculation, PC SAPPHIRE, PC LIRA-CAD