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  • Contradictions of control in ensuring food security in Russia

    In the article were considered are questions that reveal  the nature and current state of food security of the country, are presented the main criteria in the areas of consumption, production and management. The basic contradiction of food security are related to the operation and management of agricultural production.

    Keywords: Food security, agriculture, conflict, management, analysis, criterion, consumption.

  • Transporn innovation Tuapse Oil Refinery

    The importance of Tuapse Oil Refinery for Krasnodar territory and the town of Tuapse, the history of it's development and modernization is cousidered. A part of reconstrustion was performed in 1960s. wich made it possible to increase production of A-92 and AI-80 petrol brands. In 2008-2013 the Russian Petroleum Company "NC-Rosneft" invested 117 mld riubles in the modernization of the plant. to increase it capacity from 32,2 mln barrels to 88 mln barrels a year. Modernized Refinery will produce automobile fuel of "Euro-4" and "Euro-5" class. For this purpouse KY-1, LOY-ABT-12 installatious, hydrocracking, catalic reforming equipment was perfomed. The increase of the capacity demands ноу штскуфыу ща oil tanks quantify. Recoustruction of Oil Refinery demanded the development of transport infrastructure: building of 4 railway tracks with freight facilities, a new bridge over the Tuapse river, a moorage for filling in large-tonn tankers and a deadweight up to 100 thousand tonns.

    Keywords: refinery, reconstruction, modernization, eguipment, transport, railway, moorage

  • Nonlinear autoregressive neural network with exogenous inputs based solution for local minimum problem of agent tracking using quadrotor

    This paper offers an improvement for machine vision based tracking algorithm using NARX neural network. This is achieved by predicting the next position of a mobile agent based on previous movement described by time-series functions. The algorithm remains passive and does not interfere with the quadrotr flight path until detection of multiple agent-candidates, when the tracking algorithm is not able to identify or locate the assigned agent. Meanwhile the NARX training set are updated in parallel with each successful tracking cycle. This process is done to eliminate the overfitting problem of BPTT training.

    Keywords: NARX, quadrotor, agent tracking, local minimum problem, machine vision

  • Using of pseudo-random sequences in quantum communication systems

    Coding of information using of pseudo-random sequences  in quantum communication systems providing an operation with a low probability of single-photons detection is proposed. The results of statistical modeling of information extraction from the bit stream, received at different specified probability of detection based on the correlation properties of the M-sequences are demonstrated. It's demonstrated that the peak value of cross-correlation function for the M-sequence of 255 bits is on the average more than 2 times higher  than the level of side lobes at the probability of single-photons detection 20%.

    Keywords: quantum communications, single-photon detector, maximum length sequence

  • The synthesis of inhibitory quasi-fields of obstacles for SUGV on-board path planning system.

    The article presents an approach to synthesis of inhibitory quasi-fields of obstacles for SUGV on-board path planning system, algorithmic basis of which is an adaptive control method for intellectual robots. The inhibitory quasi-fields of obstacles are used for path optimization by safety criteria.

    Keywords: Robotics, SUGV, local navigation, path planning, trajectory optimization

  • Conceptual aspects of transparency of customs regulation of foreign economic activity in the Russian Federation in the context of development of integration processes

    The article describes the main theoretical approaches and issues of transparency of customs regulation of foreign economic activity as a basis for the development of integration processes in the framework of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space created by Russia , Belarus and Kazakhstan . Conclusion are made on the need to enhance the interaction of state bodies with the business community in assessing the effectiveness of the customs authorities, improving the system of providing public services by the customs authorities, creating a system of regulatory impact assessment of draft legal acts on foreign activity.

    Keywords: Single economic space, customs services, customs regulations, customs, Customs Union

  • Marketing strategy: features in services complex of the region (on the example of the Rostov region)

    In article it is briefly considered stages of formation of definition of strategic marketing in scientific literature of Russia. The importance of a services sector in economy and the importance of modernization of the given sphere for the general development of economy as a whole locates. The analysis of dynamics of paid services to the population that will allow to reveal the sphere of servants with the greatest volume of consumption among the population is carried out. Are considered the sphere of transport services of the Rostov region, as a result of research SWOT analysis of marketing strategy is carried out to projections to the sphere of transport services of the Rostov region and recommendations to transport companies of the Rostov region for a choice of suitable marketing strategy are made.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Laser interferential thermometric measurement of high frequency (HF) and super-high frequency (SHF) energy density

    There submitted a HF and SHF field energy density measuring technique developed by authors in this work with application of semiconducting laser interferometer measuring an alteration of a glass plate optical thickness while the plate is placed in the sphere of HF or SHF heating. Operability of the technique is demonstrated by measurement of a microwave oven electromagnetic field energy density distribution

    Keywords: laser interferometer, temperature measurement, HF and SHF field sensor

  • Social and economic efficiency of bringing workplaces to the requirements of labor protection rules

    The article describes the method to assess the social and economic efficiency of bringing workplaces to the requirements of standard of health and safety. The article considers the possibility of calculating the individual groups of social and economic indicators in accordance with the evaluation of various schemes.

    Keywords: social and economic efficiency, assessment methodology workplaces, standard of labor protection, labor conditions

  • Some problems in the functioning of business structures

    The article examines problems in the activities of small and medium enterprises, assesses the business climate and efficiency of regional policy to support small and medium businesses in the Rostov region.

    Keywords: Entrepreneurship, small and medium business, government support.

  • Innovation-oriented approach to the use of urban land

    One of the main conditions for effective use of resources is a methodically correct determination of the price of land. Analyzes approaches to the development of science-based methodology for determining the price of the land. Innovation-oriented approach to the use of urban land is especially important, since the city as opposed to rural areas there are so many competing uses of the site  

    Keywords: Resources of the city lands, cost, a policy concerning the city lands, an innovative principle, effective