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  • Scientific researches and developments

  • Experimental study of scattering characteristics multimode waveguide-Van Atta array in anechoic chamber

    This paper presents multimode waveguide Van-Atta array based on a pair of waveguide radiators. For dispersionless transmission lines we selected 3 coaxial lines, located inside a metal box, which frames the waveguides. Experimental data of monostatic radar cross-section diagram of antenna array in 6-12 GHz in frequency domain are obtained. Experimental study was performed in anechoic chamber of Share Scientific Center “Applied electrodynamics and antenna measurements”, Southern federal university. The subject of research was a model of multimode waveguide Van-Atta array based on a pair of waveguide radiators with aperture size 50*10 mm. An array placed in shield in the form of an elliptical cylinder. This configuration provides an opportunity to decrease ghost reflection from connectors and interconnection cable. A method for compensation background reflections, which experimentally performed on a model of multimode waveguide Van-Atta array, located inside an elliptical cylinder is proposed in this paper. This condition is completely accurate to the real usage conditions. This method is necessary for the research of objects with RCS commensurable with RCS of anechoic chamber. Backscattering diagrams, produced by aperture of Van-Atta array without background reradiation from constructional elements is obtained. The comparison between theoretical backscattering diagrams and results, which obtained by subtraction of experimental data of Van-Atta array with open aperture and aperture closed by radar-absorptive material is performed. Results by this method has shown good match between the numerical and experimental data. This fact confirms the accuracy of the proposed method for processing of experimental data.

    Keywords: Van-Atta array, monostatic diagram of radar cross-section, multimode array, mesurements of scatterrin characteristics

  • Design of complex distillation columns based on entropy modelling method

    The paper presents a hierarchical design model of a complex multicomponent distillation columns, constructed with the use of entropy modeling method. Drawn up and implemented an algorithm solutions. Examples of design calculations was shown .

    Keywords: multicomponent distillation, design calculation, complex column, Jaynes formalism, principle of maximum entropy, entropy model.

  • Designing the structure of the spatial data distributed base in complex structured hierarchic geographical information systems

    Today geographical information systems are used by operating companies for solving extensive distributed utility networks service and development issues. Designing and the subsequent creation of geographically distributed corporate enterprise geodatabase is needed for taking into account the requirements imposed by all divisions of the enterprise on GIS. On account of the complex distributed multi-level structure of the enterprise database the detailed consideration of all elements, parts of the enterprise geodatabase, is required. The enterprise database structure has been considered from the point of view of the database elements. The database of the whole enterprise is a set of databases of enterprise local subdivisions. The divisions use data about neighboring division territories in their work to perform their tasks. The subdivision database consists of two parts: a unique chunk and data about neighboring division objects. The base of the common data includes objects information which is required for more than one local subdivision. The data required for three neighboring divisions is a crosscutting of three neighboring division databases. Corporate database and entering into its composition local subdivision databases consist also of an attributive and spatial information. Besides it is necessary to perform spatial differentiation, layer differentiation and attributive field differentiation for more flexible monitoring of access permissions in the database. The suggested approach based on the set-theoretical spatial data presentation and analysis allows to realize the consistent structure of the distributed database.

    Keywords: geographical information systems, corporate geodatabase, distributed database, database structure designing.

  • Current state and prospects of development of a passenger transport complex of the city agglomeration

    In article the condition of a passenger transport complex of the Izhevsk city agglomeration is considered. It is noted that agglomeration includes a number of settlements of the neighboring regions. It imposes additional restrictions on development of all transport complex as it is necessary to agree in addition on the separate organizational economic problems relating to competences of local authorities. The main problems constraining development of a passenger transport complex from which are especially distinguished infrastructure, technical, administrative, and also tariff policy are shown. The package of measures on improvement of transport service of the population of city agglomeration is offered. Theoretically locates expected social-economic effekt.

    Keywords: city agglomeration, state, development prospects, passenger trasport, infrastructure, management, route network, problems, rolling stock, strategy.

  • The analysis stage of exploitation and destruction of the normal cross section of the bending of the concrete element

    In article on the basis of the hypothesis of plane cross-sections, non-linear deformation curve of concrete, reinforcement composed and solved equations to describe the stress-strain state of the normal sections of flexible concrete elements at all stages of work and the show features a deformation structure in stages of exploitation and destruction.

    Keywords: Flexible reinforced concrete element, the change in the height of the compressed zone, the levels of the deformation of the reinforcement at failure of the compressed concrete.

  • The basics of creating standards of accuracy for small-sized metalworking equipment

    How to create a basis for the development of standards for the standards of accuracy for small-sized metalworking equipment. Approaches to the definition of standards of accuracy for small-sized metalworking equipment.

    Keywords: Standards of accuracy, standardization, small metalworking equipment, standards, miniature parts, quality class, machines.

  • The development of new formulations of analnogo and glazed coatings for ceramic tiles

    The paper presents a new raw material content angobnogo coatings for the manufacture of ceramic tiles for interior wall covering using artificial cryolite technical and anorthosite. The complex laboratory research and analysis of chemical compounds derived engobes. The result was determined optimum angobnogo coating composition having the highest rates of whiteness. The article also provides novel compositions of raw glaze with low content of frit and waste utilization mikrosteklosharikov for road marking and widespread and available raw materials wollastonite, zinc oxide, kaolin. A preliminary assessment of quality indicators developed glaze coatings by fire tests carried out and analyze the chemical composition of glaze. The result is the optimal composition of glaze coating for ceramic tiles.

    Keywords: decorative coating, engobed, cryolite, anorthosite, frit, white, icing, waste production mikrosteklosharikov

  • Accounting for non-linear nature of the influence of soil on yield signs at the qualitative assessment of agricultural land

    A brief analysis of the current state of development of methods for the qualitative assessment of agricultural land. The basic scope of the possible results of soil evaluation. Revealed evidence of the influence of the nonlinear nature of the soil on yield. Analytically developed a formula taking into account the effect of the nonlinearity of soil attributes in the qualitative evaluation of land.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Dynamics of heating in boiling water-alcohol mixture of constant composition

    With saturated boiling in water-ethanol 20 % wt detected peak flux qcr = 1.19 MW/m2. and at TL=70 the size qkp considerably increases to 9,80 MW/m2. The article contains results of the experiment on subcooled boiling in a mixture water-ethanol 20%. With growth subcooling is increased qcr, Тcr and αcr. The main factor is the sharp rise qcr increase wall temperature ∆Т=Тcr -ТL

    Keywords: surface boiling of mixture, peak flux, wall temperature, critical heat transfer coefficient

  • Synthesis and spectroscopic analysis of the structure and oxidizing ability of Fe3O4 magnetic fluid nanoparticles.

    In this paper we investigated the structure of the magnetic fluid based on Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Magnetic fluid based on Fe3O4 nanoparticles is used for cancer treatment, targeted drug delivery, hyperthermia, as a contrast agent in surgery, as a barrier to blood flow and others. Magnetic fluid based on Fe3O4 nanoparticles was synthesized by chemical condensation of magnetite nanoparticles. Characteristics of magnetic fluid (oxidation of iron nanoparticles size, density) were investigated using X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The changes of the antitumor effect of the magnetic fluid is associated with an increase of the particle size of the iron oxide that has a significant impact on their penetration in a tumor tissue.

    Keywords: magnetic fluid, magnetite, nanoparticles, Fe3O4, oxidation state, density, antitumor activity

  • Experimental evaluation of solutions to reduce dust emissions in the production of aerated concrete

    The results of experimental studies to assess the effectiveness of the proposed installation of the dust swirling devices HICP designed to reduce dust emissions in the production of aerated concrete.

    Keywords: efficiency, leakage, suction from the hopper, speed, pressure loss, the generalized coefficient

  • Advantages and disadvantages of various options gain hollow-core concrete slabs

    There are options of reinforcement normal section and basic part hollow concrete plate. There is an analysis of advantages and disadvantages reinforcement construction. Reinforcement construction must ensure the safe operation. Construction must be cheap and easy-to-follow. There are options of reinforcement which not published.

    Keywords: reinforcement of building constructions, the safe operation, hollow concrete plate, normal section, basic part

  • Method of calculating the effect of thermal stress on the dynamic characteristics of MEMS

    The method of calculating the effect of thermal stress on the dynamic characteristics of inertial microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) is presented in this article. Testing was conducted on a technique of vibrating gyroscope LL type electrostatic actuator in a temperature range from -40 to 80 ° C. It is shown that the thermoelastic stresses lead to a shift in the natural oscillation frequencies and the change of amplitude-frequency characteristics of the system. Method of calculation is based on the sequential solution of differential equations of heat conduction and the generalized Hooke's law, taking into account thermal stresses. Modal analysis and construction of MEMS amplitude-frequency characteristics is performed considering prestressed calculated in the previous step.

    Keywords: microelectromechanical systems, micromechanical gyroscope, thermoelastic stresses, temperature errors, numerical simulation, frequency response

  • The device for restoration of internal cylindrical surfaces of details of mobile equipment galvanomekhanichesky sedimentation of coverings

    Carry to the main advantages of galvanic ways of restoration: possibility of formation of a layer from several micrometers thick to 1-2 mm. metal or a combination of metals with the set properties, restoration "in the size", that is without the subsequent machining, simultaneous restoration of several surfaces and use of a small amount of electrolyte. A number of the devices allowing to provide the demanded conditions is developed for implementation of galvanomekhanichesky sedimentation of coverings. As the activating elements in these devices generally apply abrasive materials which working surface, in the course of work, "is salted", that is it is hammered with cutting products. It considerably reduces efficiency of activation of the cathode and uniformity of the received deposit in view of introduction in the formed layer the activating elements of products of activation. The offered device developed by Zakharov Yu.A. and Spitsyn I.A. it is deprived of such shortcoming in view of application of the activating elements in the form of leaders and the conducted abrasive rollers connected by a belt drive. For elimination of this lack of the existing devices by Zakharov Yu.A. and Spitsyn I.A. (patent No. 2503753) the device was developed for galvanomekhanichesky sedimentation of coverings on internal cylindrical surfaces of details. Difference of the offered device is that at sedimentation of an electrodeposit, the conducting and conducted rollers, being rolled on the activated cathode surface, rotate with various district speed because of their various diameter. As pulleys of leaders and the conducted rollers are connected by a belt drive, to the transfer relation no more than 0,8-0,9, on shaft of rollers there is various district force forcing the conducted rollers to slip rather cathodic surface. It provides better removal of the passivating film and continuous change of the surface of the activating roller contacting to the activated cathodic surface. Thus, the free surface of the activating roller is washed by a channel of electrolyte, being cleared of activation products that interferes with formation of so-called "zasalivaniye" of a wor1king surface of the activating elements (rollers).

    Keywords: case detail, restoration, repair, defect, resource way of restoration, car repair production

  • The analysis of standard defects of the failed details of motionless interfaces of vehicles

    The technique of carrying out certification of the failed details of motionless interfaces is presented in article on the example of research of case details (transmissions, transfer cases, bridges) the car on technical condition of seats under bearings. It is shown that the majority of cases of transmissions, transfer cases, bridges come to repair with plus deviations of diameter of landing openings.

    Keywords: defect, car, interface, certification, maximum deviation, seat, bearing, technical condition

  • About Radiation and Ecological Situation in the Urban Areas of Cities-Resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters

    North Caucasian Federal District as a whole and especially-guarded resort region of Caucasian Mineral Waters in particular, belongs to the territories which attract attention from an environmental point of view. Despite the attractiveness of the region CMW(Caucasian Mineral Waters )there exist a number of environmental problems that require serious scientific study and making certain decisions. In this paper, there is an analysis of the current radiation situation in the region of CMW(Caucasian Mineral Waters) and there are outlines of conducted scientific research which have the following main task: determination of regularities of formation of the radiation situation in the objects of environment, building and urban economy of the region; determination of levels of irradiation of the population of the region in different conditions and from different sources; the working-out of specific measures to comply with the radiation safety standards.

    Keywords: The region of Caucasian Mineral Waters, radiation characteristics, radiation safety, radon, radiation environment

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    We study the relationship between the fuel and energy natural resources production and the categories of income in Russia. We measure such a relationship numerically using the Pearson correlation coefficient. It turns out, there is a very strong positive correlation in Russia as a whole across all the income categories (such as wages, entrepreneurial income and social transfers) except income from property. The highest correlation (in the whole country and in the selected regions examined) is observed in wages and social transfers. What makes Moscow to stand apart from the rest of the country is income from property. It's share is 2.2 to 2.8 times is higher in Moscow, while the Pearson coefficient is equal to 0.91 in Moscow and just 0.69 in RF as a whole. This result confirms the assertion that Moscow real estate market has attracted a significant portion of Russian fuel and energy natural resources rent, and Moscow became the center of its redistribution.

    Keywords: natural resources production, income, wages, entrepreneurial income, social transfers, income from property, oil and gas revenues, natural recourses rent

  • Development of means for research of activity of operators of processing equipment

    Rezultta of development of means for modeling of activity of operators of processing equipment of the enterprises of the motor transport and means of an assessment of a functional state are stated. The software allowing to build imitating models of work of operators and to estimate parameters of a functional state on attention indicators is created.

    Keywords: equipment, design, modeling, means

  • Expert system of design of processing equipment

    Results of development of expert system of design of the tekhnoloichesky equipment of the enterprises of the motor transport are stated. Within the developed system the device of fuzzy logic for decision-making is used neural networks for implementation of the knowledge base also

    Keywords: system, expert, logical block, knowledge base

  • Revealing hidden factors of cadastral appraisal of land settlements by principal component analysis

    The paper discusses the need for a comprehensive approach to identify the factors of cadastral appraisal of land of settlements. Using factor analysis the hidden structure of the data was revealed and identify implicit factors (in given example for the city of Tosno). Interpretation of generalized factors is shown.

    Keywords: Cadastral appraisal, cadastral value, factors of cadastral appraisal, factor analysis, principal component analysis

  • The integration of terminal and warehouse infrastructure and consumer market with using principles of multiagent modeling

    Discusses the current practice of using information systems as the integration such economis spheres as terminal and warehouse infrastructure and consumer market. Developed models of management proccess of terminal and warehouse infrastructure and consumer market based on the multiagent system.

    Keywords: terminal and warehouse infrastructure, consumer market, multiagent system, the integrated system, management procces

  • Model manufacturing technology of the cost-iron cap of a side bearing

    In this paper developed solid model of the cap of a side bearing. It made of cast iron of (ВАГР- Altai steel casting factory (ASCF). We simulated desing technologikal parametrs, wich give casting disinh without casting defects.

    Keywords: technology, modeling, pig-iron cap of a side bearing, solid-state model of a pig-iron cap of a side bearing

  • The hardware and software for improving of the functionality of colposcope KS-013dM.

    The hardware and software for improving of the functionality of colposcope KS-013dM are considered. Application of digital video-ocular DCM-510 together with developed software allows to significantly improve the characteristics of the medical device and to approach its capabilities to the units of higher price category. The program allows you to automatically generate the examination protocol, which significantly increases the efficiency of the physician's work. This improvement can be implemented in small clinics with low budget.

    Keywords: colposcope, colposcopy, video-ocular

  • Cognitive modeling architecture and dynamics of the geopolitical regions of the modern world

    The fundamental work of two researchers (Gorelova G.V., specialist modelling of complex systems, and Ryabtsev V.N., specialist in geopolitics), which is a new step in the scientific works of both. Shows the relevance of the research topics. Detail the scientific environment that contributed to the formation of a new scientific instrumentation research - methods and techniques of geopolitical analysis. Marked the most important phase of the fundamental work that is associated with the development of the unit of cognitive modeling and its subsequent adaptation to events and processes in the international geopolitical sphere. Assessed in the historical context of development work. The prospects of the development and application of the technology of cognitive modeling to be used directly in scientific practice.

    Keywords: cognitive modeling, geopolitics, methods, dynamics, the Black sea-Caucasus-Caspian