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  • Scientific researches and developments

  • Theoretical justification of increase of productivity of galvanic sedimentation of coverings on the restored surfaces of details of cars

    Increase of productivity of processes of sedimentation of coverings on the restored surfaces of details of cars without decline in quality of the received deposit is a main objective on the way of improvement of galvanic processes. Productivity of galvanic sedimentation depends on the size of potential of the cathode and the anode; from concentration of components of electrolyte about a surface of sedimentation (cathode); from uniformity of delivery and dispersal of ions of metal on a sedimentation surface; from quantity of active sites of the cathode; from nature of passivation of the cathode; from temperature of electrolyte and from the speed of the movement of electrolyte in prikatodny space. Very strongly passivating of a cathodic surface limits the possible growth of productivity of galvanic sedimentation. Passivating consists in education on a surface of the cathode of the continuous passive film consisting of hydrogen, products of reaction of metal with electrolyte components, oxygen of air and foreign inclusions. The passive film is almost insoluble and disturbs electrocrystallization process, shielding a cathodic surface. And cathode covering speed a passive film directly depends on density of cathodic current. It is possible to assume that at achievement of some value of density of cathodic current the speed of formation of a passive film will exceed, the speed of delivery of ions of metal to a cathodic surface and origin of crystals of the besieged metal will become impossible. And on the remained active sites of the cathode where the passive film is absent or has the smallest thickness and growth rate, there will be centers of growth of crystals of metal (dendrites) on which there will be a concentration of the main processes of electrocrystallization. That is the cathodic surface of the restored detail will become covered by the local centers of sedimentation of metal – dendrites. The passive film interferes with growth of limit density of cathodic current at which receiving qualitative electroplated coating is possible. Mechanical elimination of a passive film during sedimentation of a covering considerably facilitates process of electrocrystallization and formation of a layer of metal on the processed detail surface, provides increase of uniformity of the received layer of metal and its microhardness, and also will prevent active formation of local sites of growth of dendrites at the high density of current.

    Keywords: passive film, adsorption, sedimentation productivity, electrocrystallization, mechanical activation, crystal lattice

  • Statistical analysis of asymmetric relations between test items in the computer psychodiagnostics

    The main purpose of this article is to demonstrate the advantages of statistical analysis of asymmetric relations between test items in the development of computer versions of psychodiagnostic tools. The main idea is that the statistical analysis of asymmetric relations between test items allows to describe the internal structure of the test in the form of incomplete oriented graph. The authors also attempt to identify some areas of possible applications of this analysis in psychodiagnostics and psychometrics: adaptive testing; assessment of discriminatory power of the test task; determining the reliability of the data. The authors base their arguments on analyzing results of 172 subjects tested by the Russian version of MMPI.

    Keywords: Computer psychodiagnostics, adaptive testing, conjugation of variables, probability, statistical relationship, association, graphs

  • Designing of surfaces on the basis of flat hexagonal 3-fabric

    Article is devoted to designing of surfaces on the basis of flat 3-fabrics.Such families 3 of lines which block some area of the plane so are called as flat 3 fabric that through each point of this plane passes 3 lines of different families. Functional determinants of this of 3 fabrics anywhere in area doesn't address in zero, two curves of various families have no more than one general point. 3-fabric used in our case is the hexagonal, i.e. consisting of families parallel straight lines. Each line of 3 families bears on itself information on parameters of lines of the modelled surface. On the basis of information which is born on itself by each straight line of three families, some surface is modelled.

    Keywords: designing of modeling, computer graphics, modeling of surfaces,hexagonal 3-fabrics

  • Mathematical modeling of the heat accumulator system for thermal preparation of special equipment

    In the context of the autonomous functioning of special equipment in the Far North and the Arctic is necessary to use its internal resources to maintain optimal thermal state units and units. This can be accomplished using a heat recovery system of the internal combustion engine. For this purpose the heat accumulator. The mathematical modeling of the thermal state of the heat accumulator in the cooling stage. The main factors affecting the cooling time of the thermal battery: TA insulation thickness, weight coolant, coolant temperature, air temperature, wind speed. Also developed a mathematical model of the process of cooling the heat accumulator in general terms. It is presented in graphical form, which simplifies the determination of the time of cooling the heat accumulator in its design. For the definition of Q and Bi developed a program «Time».

    Keywords: operation, heat storage, thermal preparation, heat transfer, heat recovery system, low negative temperature

  • Definition carbide component coatings made subsonic and supersonic gas-powder surfacing

    The quantity of carbide component in the deposited coating made subsonic and supersonic gas-powder surfacing. The investigations, which revealed that the preferred method is a supersonic gas-powder surfacing in the lower position.

    Keywords: supersonic gas-powder cladding, carbide component, protective coatings, subsonic gas-powder cladding microstructure

  • The role of Market Orientation in the Management of Modern Russian Companies

    the article considers the degree of market orientation of contemporary Russian companies operating on saturated goods markets (markets of building materials, stationery, household goods, auto parts). To determine the degree of orientation toward the particular component of market orientation was carried out processing of personal data obtained during the survey. Was studied the specificity of market orientation is studied Russian companies, revealed significant prospects of their development. Identified modifications to the structure of the system of assessing the degree of market orientation of companies. The conclusion about the critical importance of the coordination units of the company and its individual employees for successful effective activities throughout the company. Market orientation of companies is shown as a crucial tool for success in today's market.

    Keywords: company, rich in the goods market, efficient operation, market, market orientation, target group of customers, competitive environment, cross-functional interaction.

  • Marketing competencies of auditing services

    The audit is one of the most important business services, the establishment and development of which is closely associated with the development of market relations in the domestic economy.

    Keywords: audit services, marketing expertise, service support management decisions, forecast

  • Causal analysis of the factors of failure of the precinct speed and measures to improve

    The article examines the factors affecting the performance of the precinct speed on the North Caucasus Railway. Identified and justified the need for improved planning of export traffic on the basis of simulation, compliance with the contents of the working rules of the park, the presence of which will not lead to difficulties in the passage of trains on the road. Suggested departure and arrival of trains at the final station to carry on a fixed schedule.

    Keywords: analysis, service speed, cause-and-effect relationships, capacity, from the movement of delayed trains, events, efficiency

  • Analysis of the key characteristics of specialist training in social work in the period of University education

    in the article the analysis of professional and personal development of future specialists in social work, the concept of professional growth in the process of preparation and the holistic development of a Mature personality of a professional. The study of professional and personal competencies of a specialist in social work, formed during his student period. Presents the results of the main characteristics of professional and personal development of students of internal and correspondence forms of education communicative, reflective, organizational, social, and motivational and personal components.

    Keywords: training, competence approach, the motive of choice of profession, professional installation, self-efficacy, self-development

  • Analysis of the frequency characteristics of the vibrations of a gearless lift’s direct suspension

    The analysis of the vibration system depending on the point of generation of the perturbation by frequency characteristics of a gearless lift’s direct suspension is made. It is shown that the behavior of the vibration system essentially depends on the place of perturbation: the cabin of a lift or the rope driving pulley. Depending on the point of generation of the perturbation the system of a direct gearless lift can have a “resonant” or an “inductive” character.

    Keywords: drive, freight, lift, perturbation, rope driving pulley, system, winch

  • Investigation of the temperature-humidity characteristics zones "of freshly" household refrigerating appliances

    The article investigates the temperature-humidity characteristics zones "freshness" of household refrigerating appliance. The paper presents the results of measurements of temperature and moisture characteristics in the section "freshness" in refrigerator-freezer «Indesit BIA181 NF». The obtained results of the experiments, experimental studies have shown that the parameters of temperature and humidity of air in the area of ​​"freshness" are in a wider range in comparison with the required their ra-tional values, which is the reason for the decline of quality cold storage.

    Keywords: zone ""freshness"", ""zero zone"", temperature and humidity characteristics, household refrigerator, cooling products

  • Formation of an effective innovation strategy of environmental management in railway transport

    The article is devoted to the creation of effective strategies for environmental management in railway transport. Assesses the role of environmental management in domestic enterprises. A diagram of the management cycle of the enterprise in the system of environmental management. This cycle includes a sequence of stages. The first step is to identify the strategic objectives of the enterprise, based on the difference between the current and desired state. Further, setting tactical tasks that contribute to achieving a common goal. Then developed performance indicators BSC and KPIs that provide data to analyze the degree of achievement of the set goals and objectives. The final stage of the management cycle is the analysis based on the results of which are modified or changed strategy of the enterprise. The author proposed the concept of ecological cluster, its organizational model and structure. Ecological cluster is a complex mechanism for the development of sustainable environmental infrastructure of interconnected enterprises, ensuring the competitiveness of the region on the basis of synergies and mutual support enterprises within the system of environmental management. The concept of ecological cluster broader concept of environmental management in railway transport. It includes a network relationship between the enterprises of the region, the environment, public authorities, and the Bank, based on a single cloud-based information systems, as well as General environmental budget. Estimated experience in supporting regional administrations of innovative-investment activity of enterprises.

    Keywords: innovation strategy, environmental management system, management cycle, ecological and economic security, environmental cluster, balanced scorecard, a virtual organization, the information system

  • Goals and objectives of the experimental research work of displacement nail connection

    In this article it is written about the experimental studies conducted for studying of nail coupling and finding of communication at the bearing ability of connection and material, a form nailing which connects elements.

    Keywords: deformation property, strength, nail, treenail, capable of lifting, wooden designs, experiment, shift

  • Organization of complex mechanization of transport processes in the construction

    Are considered urgent problems of complex mechanization of transport processes in construction. Highlighted the problematic aspects of their analysis is carried out, are possible solutions. Of particular interest is the definition of a method for forming sets of machines based on multi-multi-criteria optimization Are considered urgent problems of complex mechanization of transport processes in construction. Highlighted the problematic aspects of their analysis is carried out, are possible solutions. Of particular interest is the definition of a method for forming sets of machines based on multi-multi-criteria optimization. Are considered urgent problems of complex mechanization of transport processes in construction. Highlighted the problematic aspects of their analysis is carried out, are possible solutions. Of particular interest is the definition of a method for forming sets of machines based on multi-multi-criteria optimization.the organizations of the new enterprises, redistribution of investments in interests of the organization and development of new production on available floor spaces. The most important organizational economic targets of a diversification of management are presented by innovative activity of the industrial enterprise.

    Keywords: sets of machines, external and vnutripostroechny transport, construction materials, organization of delivery

  • Program procedures for profiles of parts and tools within the theory of surface geometry generation

    This paper describes the types of digital recording for profiles of parts and tools, their main program operations to be performed to solve problems within the theory of surface geometry generation: transformation of types, writing and reading files, movement on the plane, visualization, approximation by simple lines, representation on drawings, interpolation and editing procedures

    Keywords: profile details, tool profile, shaping the surface, procedure, nodal points, Cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates, the profile angle, kink profile

  • Profile calculations of the tool and modeling of the surface geometry generation process for gear-tooth shaping of splined bushings

    This paper describes profile calculations of the shaper cutter for a splined bushing. The calculations are accompanied by modeling of the surface geometry to discover potential defects in generating the shape of a part and the subsequent editing of the shaper cutter’s profile

    Keywords: profile shaping cutter, splined bushing, modeling, potential defects, geometry, rolling, poloidal, forming

  • Evaluation of the payback period of gas-equipment taking into account changes in the reliability of methane-diesel vehicles

    In the article presents an analysis of changes in the flow of failures of trucks with diesel and methane-diesel engines. As a result of analysis revealed a change in the reliability of diesel cars converted to work on compressed natural gas. This led to a change in their effective operation because of the increased amount of downtime to repair. Another reason of the decline in effective work vehicles - reduction the carrying capacity, because of the need to transportation a extra weight in the form of compressed gas cylinders. These factors directly affect the final cost of transportation of cargos and payback period of the gas equipment. As a result it was proposed to take into consideration the change in the reliability of methane-diesel vehicles in the formation of cost transportation cargos and payback calculation of gas equipment.

    Keywords: Methane-diesel vehicles, gas equipment, time to failure, performance truck, the formation of cost transportation cargo, the payback period

  • The model of winding of power transformer with accounting of quasi direct current on the operating mode of power transformer

    The quasi direct currents, which flows through the winding of power transformer, could cause the migration of working point from the knee of the magnetizing curve to the zone of saturation. In that way, the operational mode of power transformer changes. To account the effect of quasi direct current on the operational mode of power transformer was described the model of winding of power transformer with endless magnetic core and cylindrical magnetic cover. Compare the results of accounting model with the model of winding without effect of cylindrical magnetic cover the 20% difference in the characteristics of inductance from magnetizing current in the area of magnetizing currents under 100A was achieved.

    Keywords: power transformer, saturation, modeling, the power transformer winding, electric power supply system, quasi direct current, power line, geomagnetic storm, space weather

  • The method of calculation of efficiency of thermal secondary energoresursov without changing the aggregate state industrial wastewater

    The relevance of this article stems from the situation in the energy sector. For issues of a more efficient use of the thermal capacity of industrial wastewater this article describes the method of determining the efficiency of heat utilization of industrial wastewaters produced during the implementation of thermal processes of service enterprises, as secondary energy. Conducted system analysis of the technological regime cards washing clothes in order to identify the energy potential of wastewater. Based on the analysis of the conditions of production of thermal equipment is composed of a heat balance, thermal process equipment, the methods of determining the heat capacity of industrial wastewater and the amount of saved fuel by use of this energy potential. As the calculation of the financial cost of additional heat exchanger regenerative type, the use of which allows to implement a system of heat utilization of industrial waste water as the heating fluid.

    Keywords: Energy efficiency, heat balance, energy, vapor, liquid, sewage, heat capacity.

  • Implementation of the methodology for calculating the number of process routes in the repair units of the car on an actual technical condition

    This article presents an example of two-dimensional implementation of the optimization calculations for the air leak in the top dead point of the engine and the oil pressure in the oil line. Calculation optimization of complex repair works in the form of an algorithm of the iterative optimization process. Defined optimization criteria for this batch of units of the car. The calculations are performed for all the investigated party repair Fund of the engines. By optimizing the number of process routes decreased by one set of repairs.

    Keywords: repairs on an actual technical condition, repair works, pre-diagnosis, optimization, multidimensional taxonomy, the Manhattan metric

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    A small operational technology of potato postharvesting treatment is suggested to use. A device for a separation and clod table of processing are worked out to increase the safety of potato at storage.

    Keywords: potato, device for a separation, storage

  • Estimation of geomechanical terms and condition of long workings mines of "DTEK Pavlogradugol" development perspective underground mining

    The purpose of research, which are given in the article, is detailed analysis of the existent state of complex of the long workings and development perspective underground mining of Private stock company Pavlogradugol', estimation of total expenses on construction and maintenance of working taking into account repairs, estimation of condition complexity for the development of coal seams on the mines of Western Donbass. Methodical basis of the carried out complex researches is as follows: an analysis and generalization of literary sources and positive experience of maintenance of workings in difficult conditions; methods of mine visual inspections; methods of statistical, valuation, and analytical evaluation of the data on the state of the extended working and complexity of the conditions of development; a comparative analysis of the results achieved. The results of researches are as follows: generalized indexes of workovers on the mines of production amalgamation and separate groups of working; selected group of mines, referred to the category of “large” depth of development; dependence of the length of the workings of the unsatisfactory state on the development condition indicator, obtained from the results of analytical calculations; ways of increasing the stability of extended mine workings of Private stock company DTEK Pavlogradugol'. The got dependences allow determining possible expenses on repair and maintenance of workings in the operating state on the stage of planning. Effective for the examined mining and geological conditions the ways of improvement of support and methods of increase the stability of the long workings are grounded.

    Keywords: long workings, stability, deep mine, expenses on maintenance, methods of maintenance

  • Analysis of the quality of advertising services by the method of N. Kano (on the example of "Publishing House Peregudova")

    The paper presents a methodology for assessing the quality of advertising services by N. Khan. The properties of the advertising services that represent value to the consumer by the example of "Publishing House Peregudova"

    Keywords: advertising services, quality of service, quality assessment, property advertising services.

  • Investigation of physical and mechanical properties of spun concrete

    The results of processing of experimental studies of physical and mechanical properties of the samples centrifuged and vibrated. Evaluation of heterogeneity of fresh concrete properties to determine the changes in water-cement ratio (W / C), the residual water content and density of the thickness of the sample centrifuged, and the change of the strength properties of the hardened betona.Analiz experimental data showed that there is a significant change in the average density of the concrete (up to 4 %), the total porosity of the layer in a slurry is increased by almost 18%, while the strength of the concrete is changed in thickness to 18-25%. Using the method of least squares, obtained the strength of concrete patterns of change in the thickness of the samples.

    Keywords: spun concrete, physical and mechanical properties of fresh concrete, strength characteristics of hardened concrete