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  • The main ways of connecting the nodes of wooden structures

    Various options for connecting wooden structures are described. Examples of the use of various compounds, the most common today, are described. The advantages and disadvantages of such compounds are analyzed, and the technical characteristics of the elements used are given. Advantages and disadvantages of joints of wooden structures with the use of composite materials are described.

    Keywords: wooden structures, joints of wooden structures, analysis, mechanical connections, comparison, load, strength, nagel, cool connection, mating, toothed plates

  • Comparative analysis of the construction of various types of floors in low-rise construction

    the article analyzes various options for the device of floors in low-rise construction, considered various modern systems of prefabricated monolithic floors. The advantages and disadvantages of modern different types of floors in low-rise construction are described.

    Keywords: Monolithic slab, composite slab, the precast-monolithic slabs, comparison, advantages and disadvantages, technology construction