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  • Air quality monitoring for building environmentally friendly routes

    Many sources of environmental pollution affect human health. The concentration of harmful substances constantly changes during the day when the weather conditions change in different parts of the territory. Residents can repeatedly enter and leave areas of increased pollution without noticing it with their senses when moving around the city. The authors analyzed the existing solutions for monitoring the quality of atmospheric air, as well as key sources of pollution and their distribution in the air. The interrelation of distribution of pollutants with weather conditions is noted. Preparation of data on the presence of harmful substances on the example of the city of Volgograd has been carried out. A method for organizing monitoring of harmful substances in the atmosphere using a software and hardware complex is proposed. The developed method was applied to create a specialized web application. The implemented solution allows to monitor the state of the environment using sensors and build routes around areas with a high concentration of harmful substances.

    Keywords: environment, air quality, air pollution, ecology, monitoring, web application, eco-route, spatial data, route building, cartographic visualization

  • Development the system for analysis of real estate in typical apartment buildings based on mass valuation methods

    The paper discusses modern approaches to the mass valuation of real estate, automated systems for typical buildings assessment, and also provides the development of a method for the continuous assessment of real estate objects, which makes it possible to effectively evaluate groups of real estate objects and infrastructure. This research is aimed at studying the economic component of this process - modeling of a system for assessing the market valuation of real estate in typal development objects. The purpose of the study is to develop a system of continuous assessment (mass valuation) of real estate, taking into account the current methodological support of the process of assessing the market value of real estate, and should contribute to the improvement of the comparative approach to valuation in the framework of the practical activities of appraisers, as well as for state regulation of the real estate market.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Support system for narrative management in socio-economic systems

    This study describes the method of narrative management of the socio-economic system. The stages of narrative management and the structure of the business process are presented, as well as the distribution of responsibilities among the participants of the management process. The system of support of narrative management in the socio-economic system is proposed, the architecture of the software package is described. The presented system is implemented. An example of a scenario for managing a socio-economic system using the developed software package is given. The process of managing urban passenger transport is considered as an example. Thus, the study has implemented an approach that allows preserving the observability and manageability of the system and monitoring the process of managing the system, taking into account subject-object interaction. At the same time, the choice of actions to organize management and responsibility for the actions of the participants in the process lies with the participants themselves. The results of actions in the system that may lead to loss of manageability and impossibility of achieving the general goal (destruction of the system) are compensated by modifying the manage strategy without losing the structural coherence of the goal space. This ensures the very existence of the system in its environment.

    Keywords: socio-economic system, management support system, management in socio-economic systems, goals model, dynamic goal setting, goals space, system manageability