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  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • Parametric broadband monitoring and communication systems in hydroacoustics

    Hydroacoustic parametric monitoring and communication systems are considered. Brief description developed at the Department electrohydroacoustical and medical technology, Institute of nanotechnologies, electronics and instrumentation, southern Federal University (Agaimt INAP SFU) is the most promising sonar systems with parametric emitting antenna. Presented appearance and radiation pattern (days) of various embodiments of converters pumping parametricheskikh antennas of small-sized profiling. The design of composite Converter and parametric pumping days seysmoprofilografa. The description of the parametric side-view sonar and traverse-view sonar is given. In addition, parametric systems of hydroacoustic communication and monitoring of the sea on long routes are considered.

    Keywords: hydroacoustic parametric system, parametric antenna, data transmission system, broadband antenna, water area monitoring, parametric profilograph. parametric navigation system, traversy overview

  • The creation and properties of the phantoms of biological tissue containing nanoparticles

    Phantoms are an imitation of biological tissue. With the help of phantoms, it is possible to simulate the propagation of light in biological tissue. During any biophysical experiments there is a need for the constancy of the initial conditions of the experiment. The use of solid phantoms that do not degrade over time and under the influence of external factors is the Foundation for reliable results and repeatability of the experiment. The creation of phantoms of biological tissue containing fluorescent nanoparticles or nanoparticles with high absorption, and which correspond to specific mechanical or optical properties, is an urgent task. The paper describes the development, fabrication and characterization of solid tissue phantoms containing gold and upconversion nanoparticles. Optical and mechanical properties of phantoms are studied. The temperature range suitable for the use of samples as phantoms of biological tissue for laser thermolysis problems was revealed.

    Keywords: phantom, gold nanorods, luminescence, quantum dots, thermogravimetric analysis

  • Determining the transverse dimensions of the deformable workpieces

    The article presents the results of studies of the plastic properties of heated porous powder materials in the sediment tests. A technique for determining the transverse dimensions of porous billets is given, which provides their defect-free dynamic hot pressing in the matrix.

    Keywords: plastic property of the material, the study of deformability, ductility of the material, transverse deformation, heating temperature, calculation method, dynamic hot pressing, powder billet, transverse size of the workpiece and the matrix, the initial siz

  • Magnetic Sensitive Ceramic Composites based on La0.7Sr0.3MnO3

    Biphasic composite materials were synthesized near the La0.7Sr0.3MnO3-based percolation threshold and the second phase, which is an inorganic or organic compound — polyvinyl acetate, paraffin, carboxymethylcellulose, sucrose, and ultrafine silver particles. For composites with an organic matrix, the magnetoresistance values ​​do not exceed 2%, and for composites with silver particles - 8%. The values ​​of isotropic negative magnetoresistance for ceramic samples of 80% LSMO / 20% GeO2 (mass%) reach 13% in a 15 kOu magnetic field with a sensitivity of about 1% / ke in the low-field region. High chemical and radiation stability of these glass composites should be noted. The magnetoresistive properties of such compounds slightly decreased after 60 days of being in water with a salinity of 35 ppm. Composites of 80% LSMO / 20% GeO2 were exposed to X-rays with a dose of 7 Sv from the Co57 source. The magnetoresistive properties and electrical resistance of these composites did not change after that.

    Keywords: lanthanum strontium manganite, ceramic two-phase material, one-step synthesis, radiation exposure, magnetoresistance, percolation threshold, dielectric constant, barrier layer, spin-dependent tunneling, spin polarization

  • The effect of implantation of Ar + and O + ions on the formation of nanoscale surface layers of stainless steel 03X17H12M2T

    It was found that irradiation with Ar + ions of 03X17H12M2T stainless steel leads to segregation of iron atoms to the surface, and when irradiated with O + ions in the nanoscale surface layers of the steel under study, oxygen accumulates, which is accompanied by the formation of chromium oxide Cr2O3.

    Keywords: Ion implantation, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, ions, chemical composition, nanoscale surface layers, stainless steel, segregation, strength

  • One of the possible variants of the approximate solution of nonlinear thermal conductivity problems

    An approximate method for calculating the temperature field in solids heated by convection and radiation at the same time, when the thermophysical properties of the substance depend on temperature, is described. The method is based on the complex use of linearization functions and methods of numerical analysis. In the paper an example of calculation of radiation-convective heating of an unlimited plate, during which the heat capacity and thermal conductivity of the material change with temperature, is presented. The results obtained are in good agreement with the data of the finite difference method. The proposed method makes it possible to solve nonlinear problems of thermal conductivity with other boundary conditions, since the technique of solving such problems is not fundamentally different from one another. The article was published in the framework of the program of the International Forum "Victorious may 1945".

    Keywords: temperature field,radiation-convective heating, thermal conductivity and heat capacity coefficients, linearizing transformation

  • The study of the plasticity of materials in the sedimentation of cylindrical heated powder samples

    The article presents the results of studies of the plasticity of heated powder materials from the initial porosity during the sediment tests. It was established experimentally that for the selected deformation conditions, the powder of iron powder PZh4S2 with the initial porosity of 20–30% has the greatest plasticity during the draft

    Keywords: plasticity, heating temperature, density of samples, specific work of deformation, sediment, measurement of samples, coefficients of height and transverse deformation, porosity, powder billet

  • Technical science. Instrument making, metrology and information and measuring devices and systems

  • Polyharmonic method of probing fiber-optic temperature and mechanical strain sensors of building structures

    The paper presents an approach to the complex measurement of temperatureand mechanical strain for . Using a polyharmonic signal of a given shape allowed two sensors to be simultaneously polled. Temperature and mechanical strain sensors are made in the form of fiber Bragg gratings with special spectral characteristics.

    Keywords: Bragg fiber grating, sensor, mechanical strain temperature, construction, photodetector, polyharmonic method, optical fiber, special form of the spectrum, light

  • Development of a non-contact optical slit-type displacement sensor for recording oscillations of a torsion pendulum

    An optical sensor for measuring small displacements and rotation angles is described. Based on a non-contact principle of operation, which can be used to control small movements in installations to determine internal friction by the type of torsion pendulum. The main characteristics of the device are shown and the installation and connection diagram is shown by means of the ADC to the computer

    Keywords: optical sensor, angle of rotation, displacement, internal friction, microcontroller, torsional pendulum, photoresistor, signal filtering, signal transmission, non-contact, ADC

  • Technical science. Radio engineering and communication

  • Frequency Modulated Signal Generator

    An experimental study of a transistor generator with varicap rearrangement has been carried out. A schematic diagram is given, a brief description of the construction and an experimental technique are given. As the results of the experiment are given: • frequency dependence on control voltage (modulation characteristic) • dependence of power on control voltage (parasitic amplitude modulation) • output spectrum in the 500 MHz band

    Keywords: FM signal generator, voltage-controlled oscillator, modulation characteristic, output spectrum, transistor oscillator

  • Directional coupler on ferrite rings

    A simulation and experimental study of a directional coupler with transformers on ferrite rings has been carried out. The operating frequency range is from 100 to 500 MHz. The directional coupler was modeled in the Microwave Office application package. An experimental study was carried out using a vector analyzer of the type "Overview-103". The frequency dependences of the working attenuation and transient attenuation are obtained. The directional coupler can be used in transmitting and measuring technology.

    Keywords: Directional coupler, working attenuation, transient attenuation, decoupling, scheme, design

  • Compensation of additive temperature error of the Hall transducer

    In the article we discuss temperature errors caused by non-stationary thermal processes in a thin-film Hall transducer. When solving the heat conduction equation we show the significant influence of effects of Peltier and Seebeck on the Hall voltage measurement results in the current switching mode. A new twenty-step switching currents algorithm for the Hall transducer is proposed. In this algorithm the additional voltages are measured at the absence of current through the transducer. From the additional voltages we estimate the contribution of the temperature drift. It was experimentally shown that for the PHE602117 converter the additive temperature error decreases by 30 times in comparison with the four-step algorithm while reducing performance by 20%.

    Keywords: Hall transducer, additive error, Peltier effect, non-stationary processes, thermo-emf., magnetic measurements, current switching

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Application of logistics approaches to the use of cable cars on the example of the mountain resort "ROSA KHUTOR»

    In the article the features of application of logistic approaches of the organization of movement of the cable cars, as well as the method of selecting the cable car and the slopes at various characteristics of the operation of the complex. The results of experimental research on the network of cable cars of the mountain resort "Rosa Khutor"are offered. The paper uses the methods of monitoring the movement of passengers on cable cars by means of identification by ski pass and GPS

    Keywords: transport mobility, route network, public transport, automated monitoring of passenger traffic, logistics approach, cable car, monitoring of cable car congestion on-line, traffic volume, digital transport management system

  • Automation of measurement of surface roughness parameters

    The article proposed a method for determining the geometric parameters of surface roughness using the Gwyddion computer program and a Canon Lide 220 flatbed scanner. Using the method, surface roughness samples were investigated. Analysis of the obtained results showed low values ​​of the absolute error of measurement of roughness parameters.

    Keywords: Bavykin O.B., Krivozubova E.V.

  • Analytical and numerical simulation of the operation of distributed information systems with self-similar input traffic

    This article formulates the main stages of the process of constructing analytic-numerical models of functioning of distributed information systems with non-exponential (self-similar) input traffic of requests. Each separate stage of modeling, at the conceptual level, is reduced to solving a certain class of mathematical problems. The basis of the mathematical apparatus for obtaining the basic integral characteristics of the quality of distributed information systems functioning lies in the method of analyzing the average values ​​of networks of queues. The basic relationships for calculating the reactivity of distributed information systems operation are given.

    Keywords: distributed information system, discrete self-similar process, Hurst parameter, Pareto distribution, queuing network, Kendall classification, Polacek-Khinchin formula, average system response time

  • Estimation of the mathematical expectation of the insulation resource in problems of increasing the reliability of electrical equipment

    The model of the occurrence of failures as a result of aging of insulation materials of power cable lines is considered. It is shown that the residual life depends on the ratio of the safety margin and the ultimate strength of the materials used. A simulation of the resource actuation processes was carried out using a mathematical model of the insulation state that relates the time and probability of its trouble-free operation with certain parameters of it. The model allows to predict the state of the insulation and the service life of the power cable lines.

    Keywords: Reliability, life, insulation materials, heat aging

  • Model of reproduction of social scenarios in the system of interaction of language with social culture

    In the paper the authors attempt to present the author’s model of reproduction of social scenarios from the prism of the interaction of language with social culture, and also a weighty rationale for the practical value of this model is given, which can serve as a methodical key to decoding whole blocks of social space perception. Such an approach may indicate the discovery of new modes in understanding social reality. Although the interpretation of the facts of a language is characterized by methodological difficulties, such a vision can help identify, on an empirical level, changes in the sociocultural sphere, as well as trace the dynamics of social scenarios of perception of reality by different categories of the population

    Keywords: social scenario, semantic reproduction, language, language situation, scenario installations, social culture, language modeling, social world, conventionality, language situation

  • PEST Analysis of the organization piggy

    The innovative development of the transport system of Russia through the organization piggyback transportation based on the technological interaction of railway and automobile transport is considered. The implementation of innovative solutions requires consideration of environmental factors, the assessment of which in this article was carried out by means of PEST Analysis. The characteristics of four groups of factors are given: political, economic, socio-cultural and technological. Their positive and negative impact on the innovation activity of the Joint Stock Company «Russian Railways» has been determined. Political and economic factors that require the development of strategic management decisions at the state level have the highest priority in terms of their influence on the introduction of piggyback transportation.

    Keywords: transport, piggyback, piggyback transportation, innovative development, factor, PEST Analysis

  • Determination of the possibility of preventing a traffic accident involving a motorcycle

    The authors analyzed the accident statistics with the participation of motorcyclists in the Russian Federation. The results of an expert study of a road accident involving a motorcyclist and a car are presented. Determined the cause of the accident. On known mathematical dependences it is established that at observance by the driver of the motorcycle Of traffic rules road accident could not occur. This conclusion is confirmed with the help of the program "Automaker".

    Keywords: traffic accident, expert analysis, motorcycle, accident

  • Sensitive analysis as a tool for time consumption during simulation

    The following work looked into sensitive analysis. Sensitive analysis is used to gather some data of analysed problem and further to reduce the time required to run a simulation. The work explains importance of the tool in field of mechanics engineering. The work briefly outline applications of the tool in industries. Also I-beam analysis was done to better understand influence of sensitive analysis. The results illustrated that by reducing nodes in the geometry of the I-beam the output values stay the same, but too much reduction will lead to incorrect results. The comparison of the two methods also took a place in this work, to see the correlations and discrepancy of the problem.

    Keywords: sensitive analysis, time reduction, finite element, I-beam, simulation

  • Mathematical modeling of competitors ' lead efficiency based on the theory of random processes

    The paper proposes a mathematical model for evaluating the effectiveness of measures aimed at anticipating competitors in the market. The model is based on the theory of Markov random processes. It allows you to assess the probability of pre-emption in the implementation of commercial projects by one party over the other in a competitive environment. The dependences of probabilities of pre-emption of the parties from time to time. It is shown that these probabilities depend on the average project execution time of each competitor and have a maximum characterizing the most effective lead time. The obtained theoretical dependences allow us to analyze the possible outcomes of competition in market conditions.

    Keywords: competition, market relations, advance, efficiency, commercial project, mathematical modeling, conflict of parties, random process, probability of state, time dependence