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  • Use of fractal models to investigate the cyclic strength of metal materials

    The work deals with the application of fractal geometry methods to solve the problem of analysis of strength of metal materials under low-cycle fatigue loading. Materials with volume-centered and grain-centered crystal lattice, which are subjected to cyclic loading along the zero cycle, are investigated. As a criterion it is proposed to use fractal dimension determined with the help of Hurst indicator. It is reasonable that this characteristic may be used to evaluate the cyclic strength of metallic materials.

    Keywords: Fatigue, metal, strength, fractals, Hurst index

  • System perception and transfer of images printing symbols with the original in the matrix of the memorable device of the personal computer, defining types of symbols

    The authors have developed a device consisting of a system of perception of images of printed characters and a personal computer (PC), which determines the types of characters. According to the program developed by the authors, the PC contours the image of the printed symbol in a rectangular matrix consisting of the cells of the PC's storage device. As a result of the edging of the shape of the printed symbol, essential and necessary signs were determined - the directions of the elements of the shape of the symbol, according to which, using the developed algorithm, the PC determined the type of this symbol relative to others. The perception system includes a small-sized television tube - a vidicon with a generator of sweeps of a vidicon beam on its screen vertically and horizontally, two channels and a coincidence circuit. The developed system of perception is distinguished by: simplicity of design, compactness, efficiency.

    Keywords: direction, perception system, trigger, amplifier, pulse counter, coincidence circuit

  • The study of the influence of the size of the diverse features on the detection efficiency with deviations from the normal intensity distribution

    Detection and identification of features on television images is one of the important problems in technical vision systems. The effectiveness of the vision systems directly depends on the performance of the feature detection stage. An important step in image processing is the steady detection and identification of features of the image (landmarks) as the observation conditions change.

    Keywords: image processing, technical vision, robust detector, detection efficiency

  • Super resolution in digital holography

    The article considers a method of increasing the resolution of images in holographic systems based on subpixel shift algorithms. Methods of solving systems of equations of large dimension by reducing to block form are considered. The simplest solution is obtained when a set of matrices with an increased resolution is formed from a set of matrices with a shift in one direction, and then the resultant matrix is formed from the resulting set.

    Keywords: super resolution, subpixel shift, holography, solution of systems of equations, holographic interferometry, aperture

  • The impact of electronic devices on the safety of the visual system of a technical college students

    In modern society, the factors adversely affecting the health of students, added another: the use of non-normalized electronic devices (cell phone, computer, tablet) in the educational and leisure sectors. The study confirmed the hypothesis that the students, who often use electronic devices (cell phone, computer, tablet) are disorders of the visual system. Our results emphasize the need for preventive measures among students: teaching students the skills of visual gymnastics, promotional and preventive activities that contribute to the education of students of the valuable relation to their health and maintain their visual health.

    Keywords: electronic devices, the visual system, the security of the visual system, computer vision syndrome, visual health, visual gymnastics