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  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • Effects of ion-argon bombardment in the photoconductivity spectra of CdS crystals near edge of fundamental absorption

    The paper presents the results of studies of the effect of ion-argon bombardment in vacuum on the spectral distribution of the photoconductivity of CdS crystals in the region of the fundamental absorption edge and on the current-voltage characteristic of the semiconductor under study. In the course of research, characteristic changes were found in the spectral distribution of the photoconductivity of a CdS crystal in the edge region of the spectrum and in its current-voltage characteristic at room temperature. It was shown that low-dose ion-argon bombardment leads to an increase in photosensitivity, as well as to a change in the spectral distribution of the photocurrent beyond the absorption edge of a semiconductor. It was found that the exposure of the sample, after exposure to it with argon ions, leads to the relaxation of the photoconductivity spectra of CdS crystals in the direction of the initial distribution. The observed spectral changes are associated with a decrease in the surface concentration of the recombina-tion centers, as well as with an increase in the number of near-surface donor self-defective centers, caused by the action of argon ions on the surface of CdS crystals. Exposure of the CdS crystal under investigation in the air, after exposure to it with argon ions, leads to a reverse increase in the number of recombination centers on the sample sur-face due to the interaction of the surface of the semiconductor with oxygen contained in the air.

    Keywords: ion-argon bombardment, photoconductivity spectra, CdS crystals, surface recombination, current-voltage characteristic

  • Investigation of micro-dimensional metal structures obtained by electric explosion of conductors

    The article presents the results of experimental studies of the parameters of micro-sized metal particles and sprayed films obtained by the method of electric explosion of metallic conductors (EVP) and electro-explosive spraying (EVN), respectively. Copper (Cu) and aluminum (Al) metal wires were used as explosive conductors. Geometrical parameters and physicochemical analysis of the obtained microparticles and thin films were carried out by means of the universal two-beam electronic system Versa 3D. From the analysis of the obtained samples of sprayed thin films and fine particles, it follows that with a discharge current density J≈10 ^ 10 A / m ^ 2 millisecond, the film thickness and particle sizes can reach values ​​less than micron scale.

    Keywords: electrical explosion of conductors, thin metal films, fine particles

  • First principles study of atomic and electronic structure of disordered graphene-C60 systems

    First-principles simulation of ultrathin amorphous carbon films has been performed. Nanohybrid graphene-C60 systems were considered. Total energy calculations were performed using pseudopotential method within density functional theory. Local atomic structure and electronic energy spectrum of the systems were studied. It was demonstrated that fullerene-graphene interaction results in significant deformation of their local atomic structure. Obtained results are in good agreement with experimental X-ray UV spectra of hydrogenated amorphous carbon

    Keywords: Phase-change resistive memory, ab-initio simulation, pseudopotential method, Kohn-Sham method, graphene, fullerenes, amorphous carbon, atomic structure, electronic structure, adsorption energy

  • Automatic calibration of nonlinearity of intensity in projection systems

    The article discusses the method of automatic elimination of nonlinearity in the registration of intensity in projection systems. Errors in the intensity recording affect the accuracy of phase measurement systems based on structured illumination of objects. Gamma-correction hardware cannot completely eliminate such distortions, since the type of inverse relationship may be a more complex function. The method is based on the projection of the ideal wedge and automatic determination of the intensity levels required for recording

    Keywords: optical measurement systems, structured lighting, profile detection, intensity, nonlinear distortion, digital image processing

  • Cross ties for high-speed railways made of polymer concrete

    The use of polymer concrete sleepers based on rubber concrete (RubCon®) with non-metallic composite reinforcement and the method of manufacturing such sleepers are described.

    Keywords: sleepers, polymer concrete, rubber concrete, composites, reinforcement, manufacturing methods

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Representation of a finite state machine in matrix-predicate form

    Finite state machines, being a mathematical abstraction, allow you to perceive information from the control object, process it and give signals to control the object. The disadvantages of the representation of complex production systems by a set of finite state machines include the complexity of carrying out logical and set-theoretic operations on them and the complexity of describing the parallelism that occurs in the operation of complex production systems. When specifying a finite state machine in the matrix–predicate form, due to the information redundancy, it is possible to avoid these difficulties. Matrix–predicate method allows you to uniquely set the finite state machine square matrix, which makes it possible to use the methods of the theory of matrices during the set–theoretic operations on them and it is possible to avoid isomorphism. The paper presents the developed methods of representation of a finite state machine using a multi-place predicate, which greatly simplifies its task.

    Keywords: finite state machine, graph, matrix, predicate, algorithm, matrix–predicate method, graph incident, tuple, Cartesian product, complex production systems

  • Development of an automated system for the sale of pharmaceutical products in pharmacies

    The modern market of goods and services is developing dynamically, which creates a need for new technical solutions that can meet changing needs. One of the main ways to increase the efficiency of commercial activity is the automation of processes and their interaction. The article describes one of the possible approaches for solving the problem of automation in the field of automation of business processes in the drug trading system. As such a solution to the task of automating business processes arising in the field of trade in pharmaceuticals, the AptekaPro information system was proposed. This article provides a detailed description of the system, its structure and principles of operation. A description of the main modules of the system and their purpose is given. It describes the main advantages that can be achieved as a result of the introduction of such information systems into commercial activities.The article was published as part of the implementation of the program of the International Forum "Victorious May 1945".

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • The question by parametric models of partial failures in technical devices

    The authors consider the issue of assessing partial failure in the technical system from the standpoint of parametric reliability. Evaluation of failure behavior is carried out according to such parameters as time between hours to failure and the achievement of goals, risks. Under the risk in this paper refers to the likelihood of a subsequent failure (full or partial) or the transition occurred in full. The authors propose to expand the range of parameters that characterize hitting a failure state by adding characteristics of possible degradation processes and values of destructive environmental factors in the predicted period of continued operation of the object under study. Also, special attention is paid to the fact that the likelihood of partial failure is influenced by factors that can be divided into external and internal, while the internal ones may depend on external ones. Ishikawa diagram shows the dependence of the rate of degradation of the PR on various factors.

    Keywords: partial failure, parametric reliability, risk, time of failure degradation, Ishikawa diagram

  • Features of the application development for the calculation and formation of the cargo plan

    An algorithm for generating and calculating a cargo plan for the Annenkov ferry is described. On the basis of data from the automated control system for the operation of the Caucasus station of the North Caucasian Railway, a software application is being developed that allows to automate the process of drawing up a freight plan. It is proposed to upgrade the existing process of sorting in the process of following the composition in the cargo port

    Keywords: cargo plan, Annenkov ferry, port of Kavkaz, algorithm for forming rail carriages, mobile application, cargo transportation, rail-ferry service

  • Description of the surface geometry of the air shape in Maple

    The paper presents an analytical description of the unfolding surface of one of the products of light industry – aerodynamic shape. All surface elements are designed in the Maple environment based on the 4GL package commands. A set of commands allowing to describe surfaces and spatial curves analytically is proposed for the construction of 3D graphical objects. Elements sweep aerodynamic shape are conical and cylindrical sweep with a special character of their boundaries. The proposed description of the surface of the air shape allows you to design a technical product of specified geometric dimensions according to the calculated geometry of the elements of the air shape.

    Keywords: description of the spatial shape of aero figures, Maple 2015 package, 3D graphic objects of conical and cylindrical types, 2D scanning

  • Numerical study of the relations of the theory of finite rotations

    The paper deals with the derivation of the basic relations of the theory of finite rotations. A numerical study of the dependence of the guide cosine of the final rotation on the guide cosines of a fixed coordinate system and the coordinate system associated with a solid is carried out. The formulas for the cosines of the angle of final rotation are obtained. The developed program of calculation of the values of the guides of the cosines of the final turning of the quantities in the problem statement. A graph of the dependence of the guide cosine of the final turn on the sine of the angle of the final turn. This dependence is clearly displayed when the program is started.

    Keywords: vector orientation in space, spherical trigonometry, finite rotation angle, guiding cosine, Euler angles, finite rotation

  • Data upwards excursion algorithm in estimating of parameters of multiple linear regression

    This article presents the results which purpose of cases of intentional distortion of "objective" ratings based on individual indicators. The aim of the study was to build an algorithm for determining unfairly placed places in the ranking as a result of manual adjustment. The main tool is the identification of the weight coefficients of private ratings with a known form of the functional dependence of the overall rating. The analysis of techniques of creation of one of popular Russian ratings was for this purpose carried out, mathematical models of dependence of the general rating of higher education institution on its private ratings are received. It was revealed the presence of subjectivity in the construction of the rating, which manifests itself in the form of an unfair score. Standard methods do not allow to reveal such non-random "emissions" and do not provide an objective assessment. The offered algorithm allows to find such "emissions", to exclude them from selection and define fair values. The offered algorithm can be useful for heads of universities to check the correctness of the occupied place in the ranking of their organization and understanding of their real position among other universities.

    Keywords: statistical analysis, multiple linear regression, ordinary least squares, approximation, rankings, indicators, higher education

  • Development of a method for controlling miscella concentration

    The technology of oil production includes a large number of processes in its cycle; extraction is one of the most energy-intensive processes before distillation of miscella. Analysis of automated extraction control methods determines the optimal process control method, which allows to improve the quality of miscella and save product consumption.

    Keywords: automated, miscella, extraction, control, system, analysis, method, flow, solvent, quality

  • Digital restoration and computer modeling of patterned fabrics by means of information technologies

    This work is a description of the method of restoration of patterned woven fabric by means of computer technology. The problem of computer reconstruction of a historical object is rarely addressed in scientific publications. However, now the question of the feasibility of prototyping and modeling in the digital space is significant, because it is a computer model that allows you to give an accurate idea of the task, of problem situations, helps to warn about possible or already occurred errors.

    Keywords: textiles, computer technology, raster editor, digital restoration, macro, processing, restoration, pattern, pattern, fabric

  • Analysis of the effectiveness of packet transfer scheduling algorithms in LTE networks

    The paper analyzes various planning approaches that are part of the QoS QoS assurance subsystem in LTE networks in situations of network traffic congestion. Using different strategies for different types of traffic allows operators to offer different levels of quality of service for voice users. Evaluations of the efficiency of packet transfer scheduling algorithms are given.

    Keywords: LTE, Long-Term Evolution, scheduling algorithms, FIFO, Round Robin, Shortest Job First, Random Early Detection, RED, RR, SJF, QoS, VoIP, CSFB, VoLTE

  • Text fragment meaning search model

    The object of research is the consideration and analysis of such a field as information retrieval. Given the rapid growth in the number of electronic documents, the tasks of their clustering, classification and ordering become very relevant. The work also indicates the need for creating formal methods for the semantics of texts and their processing. In addition, a software product was created that implements such a functional of semantic analysis as context and contextual bundle. The scientific novelty is to teach the machine to disclose the physical meaning in the documentation of a technical nature, to optimize the search for the necessary data

    Keywords: semantics, contextual connective, reverse polish notation, clustering, context

  • Model of knot of computer network as subject to computer investigation considering dynamics of use of the rented information resouces

    The model of stream and network computer investigations including imitating and analytical models is presented in article. The essence of model consists in modeling of processes of identification of information flows of the protected mobile knot. Distinctive feature of this stage is imitation of search and identification of the information flow formed by the mobile communication center taking into account dynamic accidental switching between information flows, various time spent in this stream, and also accounting of a number of the parameters characterizing means of stream investigation. Further time of scanning of the network equipment, is estimated by means of network investigation. Output result of a simulation model is the probability of identification of the protected mobile communication center means of stream and network computer investigations. Considering need of possession of a number of specific skills of the environments of imitating modeling connected with use, and also essential time expenditure, results were approximated and analytical expression of required size is received. For assessment of quality of model are carried out verification of model; estimates of adequacy and stability of model, and also estimates of an error and sensitivity. On the basis of comparison of results of modeling developed and the known models definitely that the reliability of results of modeling increased by 12-15%.

    Keywords: stream and network computer models, simulation model, knot of computer network

  • Machinery for the removal of trees and shrubs in the continuous movement of basic forest tractors in machine systems for the prevention and suppression of forest fires

    the necessity of accelerated development of competitive in the Russian and foreign markets of domestic machines and equipment for the prevention and suppression of forest fires is shown. The system analysis of technologies, machines and equipment for prevention and suppression of forest fires is carried out on the basis of the extended patent information search. Special attention is paid to technologies, machines and equipment that provide cutting of trees and bushes in the continuous movement of basic forest tractors. The knowledge base in the field of technologies, machines and equipment for removal of trees and bushes is formed. It is suggested that the prospects of their use in the systems of machines for the prevention and suppression of forest fires. The equipment of such machines can be included in the set of multifunctional equipment for a forest tractor. The technological and technical solutions developed by the authors for the variants of technologies of cutting trees and bushes with the continuous movement of basic forest tractors, machines and elements of their structures for such technologies are presented

    Keywords: knowledge base, tree and shrub vegetation, forest fires, multifunctional forest machine, system analysis

  • Simulation and experimental study of the in-phase ring power splitter

    A simulation and experimental study of the ring-shaped power divider in the frequency range 2-4 GHz. The simulation was carried out in the application package Microwave Office. The experiment was conducted on a model made on the sheet textolite PT-3 with a thickness of 2 mm. Four frequency dependencies of the transmission coefficient S21 and S31 are given as simulation and experiment results.

    Keywords: power divider, symmetrical strip line, transfer factor, design description, modeling, experiment

  • Generations of the fractal structures

    Fractal geometry is used in the development of new designs based on the principles of fractal shaping and the study of generations of fractal structures. The structure generation is characterized by optimization of the original geometry in the process of iteration. Fractal structures of older generations have the best indicators of reliability. The aim of the study is to develop an algorithm for modeling new designs based on the principles of fractal shaping. The development of fractal structures requires the creation of new technologies and materials.

    Keywords: fractal structure, generations, fractal geometry, shaping, self-developing structures, unique structures, 3D modeling

  • Optimization of technological regimes in the management of oil field treatment processes

    An approach to solving the problem associated with the calculation of the optimal parameters of the technological process in the field oil treatment plants is considered. The calculation algorithm is based on the dynamic programming method that implements the Bellman optimality principle with an additive optimality criterion. The generalized criterion of the problem is formed as a function of the sum of local reduced costs for the stages of oil treatment. The proposed method of solving the problem allows to predict the optimal parameters of the process regime and transfer them to the control system as tasks to operators and automatic controllers.

    Keywords: field oil treatment, facility, technological regime, model, optimization, operative management

  • Analysis of strategies for implementing information modeling in leading countries

    This article discusses strategies for the introduction and development of BIM technologies in a number of leading countries in this area. Based on the analysis of literature and other sources, the main factors influencing the BIM implementation process are highlighted. As a result, it was concluded that the role of the state in the implementation of BIM is quite high. Countries in which BIM is implemented with government support will succeed more quickly and more likely.

    Keywords: BIM, information modeling, implementation, implementation strategies

  • The efficient assessment of teaching activities by determining outliers during the analysis automatic control system data by the educational process quality

    Nowadays the procedure for signing an employment contract with pedagogical workers is determined by the existing provision of an effective contract, where employees’ performance assessment is based on establishing job indicators fulfillment confirmation. The article discusses the methodology of assessing teaching activities in the context of an effective contract based on the analysis of data accumulated by the electronic information educational environment of the Rostov state University of Transport Communication. It is proposed to use such data mining techniques as cluster analysis, network graphs and the definition of outliers. The pedagogical staff of the university is considered as a self-organizing system that seeks for maximizing its profits and preventing dismissals. The results of the study are going to be applied in the development of the automatic control system data of the educational process quality in the decision support subsystem on the extension of employment contracts with teaching staff.

    Keywords: automatic control system of the university educational process, labor contract, effective contract, performance indicators of teacher’s work