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  • Simulation and method of classification of technical condition of the high-voltage mekhatronics modules

    Simulation and method of classification of technical condition high-voltage the mekhatronics of modules of the movement, allowing by results of control of electrodigit activity and skrednekvadratichesky value of vibrospeed are presented, to refer current state of object to one of classes of diagnoses

    Keywords: High-voltage mekhatronics module, fuzzy-model of classification of technical condition, electrodigital activity, vibrospeed

  • Research of algorithms vibroacoustic diagnostics vehicles

    With the growing fleet's increasingly acute problem arises safety and reliability their exploitation as a result of this increase in productivity and accuracy of their technical diagnostics. Urgent task to further improve diagnosis for vehicles is to develop new methods and algorithms highlight the dominant component of the information in relation to a wide class of vehicles. The methods joint time-frequency and wavelet analysis. To isolate the dominant component of the information proposed to use the method of wavelet decomposition. Using vibro acoustic registration nodes vehicles funds allowed to receive signals carrying information about the defects of individual units of vehicles. The proposed decoding algorithms signals have high reliability, allow technical inspection, subsequent monitoring of the technical state of the vehicle. Using vibroacoustic registration of vehicles allowed nodes receive signals carry-ing information about the defects of individual units of vehicles. The proposed decoding algorithms signals have high reliability, allow technical inspection, subsequent monitoring of the technical state of the vehicle.

    Keywords: vehicle, vibroacoustic diagnostics, dominant information, time-frequency analysis, wavelet analysis

  • Ways to optimize the system operation mining equipment

    The analysis of the operation of mining equipment in mines revealed  inadequate level of efficiency of its use. In this regard, actual solution of scientific and technical problems aimed at improving the operational efficiency of mining equipment through the development of complex technical and economic measures to manage the system of exploitation, while ensuring the planned performance and the lowest cost to operate the equipment. The main directions of optimization of the system of exploitation of mining equipment, which is to solve the problems of improving the reliability of equipment, the appointment of a rational strategy of maintenance and repair, logistics mining enterprise, the definition of cost-effective resource and long service life through a combination of theoretical and experimental studies.

    Keywords: mining equipment, system operation, reliability, technical condition diagnostics, logistics, optimization

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The article discusses one of the problems of modern software - hardware complexes for control of hydrounit  hydroelectricity plant, namely the lack of an embedded system diagnostics of technical state of various hydrounit components . In work present an approach for the implementation of diagnostic systems of one of the most important parts electro - hydraulic actuator  system to control the opening of the wicket gate. The diagnostic model and the basic control chart basic elements of electro-hydraulic converter , namely the main valve and servomotor .

    Keywords: Gydroelectricity plant, hydrounit, diagnostics, modeling, control chart, electro - hydraulic actuator.

  • Multiagent simulation of DDoS-type network attacks

    The paper describes the problems of information security of internet services when subjected to a distributed network attack. Describes the multi-agent model of attack. A system software simulated attack to study its properties in real time. The analysis of simulation results. An approach to maintain server stability under high load. Described hike proposed to implement on the basis of mechanisms of method "flood-gate".

    Keywords: simulation, multagentnye systems, network threats, DDoS-attack, JADE, the stability of network services

  • The paper considers the comparison of power consumption of Two’s Complement System and Residue Number System for digital signal processing applications. The comparison of these two implementations allows to conclude that, for these applications, the RNS uses less power than the TCS counterpart. The aim of the present paper is to highlight the reasons of this power consumption reduction.

    Keywords: residue number system, digital signal processing

  • Information about authors (№3, 2011)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2011)

    Keywords: authors